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Separated when they were kids, Elisa and Damian have waited all their lives for that moment when they can freed the love they feel for each other from the abyss of passion. Abismo de Pasion is majestically written for that audience who likes and enjoys intricacies of plots, catered with suspense and unpredictable outcomes.

The show Abismo de Pasion is a Spanish soap opera full of real passion in each one of its chapters, in which the astute leadership of the director takes the viewer inside a maze of suspicion and intrigue, leaving the audience wanting for more.

In this masterly produced show, the bad guys are really villains, and conduct this assignment in such a way that viewers deeply hate them, in contrast to its main protagonists, who are full of a loving pain and endless patience within a framework of an unprecedented and frustrated wait for the day to come when they will be together forever.

The Spanish soap opera Abismo de Pasion, portrays the most incredible ingredients where passion is demonstrated with hatred, with trap, patience and above all with love, love that falls into an abyss to a day in which it will be rescued by the absolute truth.

Elisa and Damian, the two main characters of the show are superb in their roles of suffered passionate lovers, a love that grew since they were kids, seeking for the truth in their lives while their counterparts spin webs of intrigue, lies and hate to separate them forever.

Can they unravel the abyss of passions in which they have been victims most of their lives? Can they ever be happy? Abismo de Passion touches the soul and pierces the heart with its dialogues and force of characters; it makes you take sides and takes you to tears. Abismo de Pasion is all about passion in its infinite ways.

1 Season, 160 Episodes - Canceled
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Abismo de Pasión Full Episode Guide

  • Horacio se entrega a la policía, por amor. Carmina se debate entre la vida en la muerte y le confiesa a Elisa algo de su pasado.

  • Don Lucio le reclama a Horacio el que haya matado a su esposa, lo enfrenta y lo reta a que le dispare. Carmina se lleva a Dami'án y Elisa est'á desesperada porque no sabe donde est'á.

  • Paloma se enoja con Gael porque est'á peleando por su herencia y no lucha por ella y su bebé. Elisa se debate entre la vida y la muerte y Dami'án est'á a su lado.

  • Gabino y Carmina se ponen de acuerdo para matar a Elisa y planean su ataque coloc'ándole una serpiente venenosa en plena luna de miel.

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