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The television show Accel World is based on a Japanese novel series. This show is of the Japanese anime genre. The show is set in the future in the year 2046. There is new technology for people to use called neuro-synchronization. This technology allows a person to use the internet and enter different virtual worlds but the use of devices known as neuro-linkers.

One of the main characters is named Haru. He has low self esteem due to his physical appearance. He is short and on the heavy side. Due to this he is constantly bullied. To escape the reality of his life he enters the school's virtual world. He can play alone and does very well by himself. He scores very well on a game. So well he attracts the attention of Kuroyukihime who is the vice president of the student council. He gives Haru access to a secret program that makes time stand still in the real world. The program is called Brain Burst and a person has to earn points to use this feature. There is a limit on how many times a person can use this program. In order to get the full potential from the game a person has to have a neuro-linker in their body that was put in at birth.

Kueroykihime gave Haru this game because she needs his help. She wants to reach level ten which is the top level of this game. Upon reaching that level she will learn the secret identify of the person who has created Brain Bursts. She is having trouble getting past level nine. In this level five other players known as The Six Kings of Pure Color. These are the leaders of the six most powerful people in the game. Haru agrees to help her. He does so because he wants to overcome his weaknesses and build his self confidence. This show does go into a lot of technical information and details.

VIZ Media
1 Season, 24 Episodes - New Series
April 7, 2012
Action & Adventure, Anime
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Accel World Full Episode Guide

  • Silver Crow is determined to settle his score with Dusk Taker once and for all.

  • Haruyuki and Takumu set out for their final showdown with Nomi. Chiyuri wishes to join them, and they agree to let her come along.

  • In Akihabara, Haruyuki and Pard hear the name of a Burst Linker called Rust Jigsaw who doesn't show up on the matching list. Believing he may hold a clue to uncover Dusk Taker's secret, Haruyuki and Pard challenge Rust Jigsaw to a duel.

  • Haruyuki asks Niko to help train Takumu in obtaining the "Incarnation." But Niko explains that in order to obtain it, one must first confront one's personal weakness.

  • Silver Crow and Cyan Pile's combined attack severely weakens Dusk Taker. But the two are shocked when they see Chiyuri enter the battlefield as Lime Bell and heal Dusk Taker.

  • Ruka and Mana introduce Kuroyukihime to their master, Crimson King, who turns out to be an old acquaintance of Kuroyukihime's. According to Crimson King, a very powerful Enemy is preventing them from hunting down regular Enemy units.

  • Kuroyukihime is challenged to a Brain Burst match by two girls named Ruka and Mana. Kuroyukihime easily wins the match, but learns that the girls were actually testing her to see if she was powerful enough to help solve their problem.

  • Haruyuki receives a call from Kuroyukihime, who is away on a school trip. Touched by her kind words, Haruyuki vows to settle the score with Dusk Taker on his own.

  • Ash Roller takes Silver Crow to meet his master Sky Raker, previously known as the Burst Linker who came closest to flying in Accel World. Sky Raker explains the "Incarnate System," which allows Burst Linkers access to their hidden powers.

  • Haruyuki rebuffs Nomi's threat and challenges him to a duel, only to lose in an unexpected way.

  • It is the start of a new school year. Haruyuki and Takumu reluctantly agree to install the Brain Burst program into Chiyuri, who hopes that this will bring them closer together, like old times.

  • The battle between Black Lotus and Yellow Radio is halted by the sudden appearance of Chrome Disaster. Silver Crow is wracked with fear as he witnesses the monstrous power of his target.

  • During their hunt for Chrome Disaster, the Nega Nebulous is ambushed by the Yellow Legion led by Yellow Radio, a.k.a. the Yellow King. Yellow Radio takes advantage of the non-aggression pact shared between the other kings.

  • The unexpected drama of letting Kuroyukihime and Niko spend the night at his place has left Haruyuki feeling very tired.

  • Haruyuki's little guest is revealed as Scarlet Rain, a.k.a. the Red King.

  • Haruyuki comes home one day to find a cute young girl greeting him with a smile.

  • Haruyuki hires a bouncer known as Aqua Current to guard him until he can regain his lost Burst Points.

  • The battle between Silver Crow and Cyan Pile ends with Silver Crow's victory. Having reconciled with Takumu, Haruyuki now focuses on training to level up in Accel World.

  • The identity of Cyan Pile is revealed to be one of Haruyuki's closest peers, who has been consumed by the power to accelerate.

  • Haruyuki suspects that Cyan Pile is challenging Kuroyukihime within Accel World via access through Chiyuri's neuro-linker.

  • A Duel Avatar called Cyan Pile is seeking to challenge Kuroyukihime in battle within Accel World.

  • Haruyuki, now a Burst-Linker, suddenly finds himself thrown into a deadly match against a vicious biker named Ash Roller. Haruyuki is unable to grasp the situation and is quickly defeated.

  • Arita Haruyuki. A young boy whose chubby appearance and shy disposition makes him a constant target for school bullying. Ashamed of his miserable life, Haruyuki can only cope by indulging in virtual games.

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