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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, or simply 'Adventure Time', as it is now known, is a cartoon that runs on Cartoon Network. It follows the lives of two main protagonists, Finn the human and Jake the dog. These two aspiring heroes live in a magical world called "Ooo" and spend much of their time battling various evildoers or getting into wacky situations.

The show was initially a short that was shown on Nickelodeon, but Nickelodeon decided not to turn the show into a series despite entreaties from the producers. After pitching the show to Cartoon Network, it was given the go ahead and first debuted on that network in April 2010. The show is currently in its fourth season.

Aside from battling evil, 13-year-old boy Finn and (talking)dog Jake are known for spouting out hip-sounding catchphrases, dancing, and occasionally playing music. Finn also has a crush on one of the show's recurring characters, Princess Bubblegum. Princess Bubblegum rules over a realm known as 'The Candy Kingdom', which is populated by edible, talking desserts or candies. Jake also has a love interest, namely a kind of rainbow unicorn named 'Lady Rainicorn'. Jake also possesses the magical ability to transform his body into almost any size or shape he desires.

Magic is a common theme in many of the episodes, and several of the recurring characters have magical powers. These include: The Ice King, a sort of ice-based wizard who also loves Princess Bubblegum; Marceline, a vampire who can fly and turn into a bat; and others.

While magic is a recurring element in the show, good and evil, personal integrity, and the complexity of relationships are often intertwined in most episodes. The show often approaches many of its subjects with a mixture of seriousness and whimsy and has proven to be quite popular with teens and adults, as well as younger children. A fifth season of the show is planned, and will again be on Cartoon Network.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
11 Seasons, 251 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 11, 2010
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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Full Episode Guide

  • Princess Bubblegum's scientific mind must wrestle with her Elemental magic potential when she's faced with a Crystal Entity.

  • When disaster befalls James Baxter, it's up to Finn and Jake to help him pick up the pieces.

  • An otherworldly encounter puts Tree Trunks on the trail of a conspiracy in the Candy Kingdom.

  • Kim Kil Whan is worried about his daughter's future and asks Jake for some parental advice.

  • Finn fixes things at the Candy Hospital while Jake attempts to connect with their surprise houseguest.

  • Finn and Jake battle with a strange, but familiar, new being.

  • Finn and Jake face one of the fiercest enemies they've seen when a strong ally goes rogue.

  • In the middle of an excavation, Finn, Jake and Susan run into a mysterious stranger who may possess the key to the past.

  • The Music Hole: While judging the hugest Battle of the Bands in the history of Ooo, Finn is enchanted by a mysterious new song. / Daddy-Daughter Card Wars: To escape his past, Jake needs his daughter Charlie's help to win an underground Card Wars tourney.

  • Fionna and Cake go on a cooking adventure to push Cake's art to an all-new level.

  • Normal Man: Stripped of his magic powers, Normal Man enlists Finn and Jake's help to rescue his brother Glob. / Elemental: Ice King discovers something buried deep beneath the Ice Kingdom that could change Ooo forever.

  • I am Sword: Finn starts having guilt nightmares about his missing Finn Sword...but are the nightmares real? / Bun Bun: Finn brings a special delivery for Cinnamon Bun to the Fire Kingdom but it may come with a dangerous cost

  • Beyond the Grotto: In pursuit of a runaway Sea Lard, Finn and Jake are led down a whirlpool to a curious new land. / Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension: Jake's son TV finds a hidden box and draws the attention of a super cool Rainicorn named Lee.

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  • Season 2 Episode 1 It Came from the Nightosphere 10/11/2010
  • Season 1 Episode 7 Enchiridion 4/19/2010
  • Season 1 Episode 1 Business Time 3/18/2010
  • Season 10 Episode 7 Reboot 11/19/2016

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