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Discovery Channel's "After the Catch" television show is the perfect compliment to the regular series "Deadliest Catch". If you are hooked by Deadliest, then After will reel you in even further. Mike Rowe from "Dirtiest Jobs" sits down and acts as Master of Ceremonies with all the captains and deck hands alike from the show. Whether your favorite is Keith, John and Andy, or Sid, you will learn more and more each week following the regular series about each captain and his inner most workings.

Many times during the show, the captains dissect a piece of footage from the "Deadliest Catch" airing from that week. It is often times inspiring to hear their takes on what was truly happening at any given time and to see how personal everything is on the boat.

You see that king crab fishing, while their profession, is also many times a family heritage type of situation where they learned from their fathers and pass on to their sons. Many of the boats have family on them, whether it be brothers like John and Andy or father and son like Wild Bill and Zack. You see the struggles from an up close and personal level and it makes you love the regular series even more.

An interesting episode not long ago was when they asked the captains various deep, searching questions such as "biggest regret", "darkest secret" and the like. Many times the answers were not at all what you were expecting, as in the case of Jake Anderson discussing his father's disappearance and ultimate murder and you are kindly reminded that these are real people in real lives that you are watching.

Unlike most reality television that is usually scripted and staged around the show, the Catch shows are real, live moments in real, authentic lives. The crew happens to be onboard to capture them in real time but nothing is not real, exactly as it would happen even if the cameras were no where to be found.

"After the Catch" captures these moments more in depth and lets the viewer in just a little closer to the personalities that they have grown to admire and watch every week. But not so close that they become a caricature of themselves. Simply a more polished version, a diamond in the rough that has had the edges polished off just to shine a bit more.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
6 Seasons, 32 Episodes - Currently Airing
May 29, 2007
Reality, Talk & Interview
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  • Following episode: Release the Beast: Every boat in the fleet has someone moving up and someone moving out. The Bering Sea Captains project what The Deadliest Catch will look like next year and beyond.

  • Josh Harris reflects on the past year. Also: A long-running feud is addressed.

  • Following episode Fearless Leaders. The captains talk about their red crab quota and the ice; a wager is settled; a dissatisfied greenhorn confronts his captain.

  • Individual lives are profiled, including Jake Anderson's murdered father, Jake Harris' addiction, and Elliot's disintegrating home life.

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