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Against The Wall is an engaging, heart-warming Lifetime Original drama that follows the life of Abby Kowalski (Rachael Carpani), a young officer with the Chicago Police Department. When the series opens, Abby is a beat cop who has been trying unsuccessfully for some time to get promoted and become a detective. In the series premiere, finally, she is offered the job of her dreams. There is just one catch - the position is in the Internal Affairs Department. As someone who has worked as a patrol officer for many years, Abby's initial inclination is to reject the position, as she harbors a certain distrust of those who oversee the police. However, when she realizes that it is her only option to fulfill her dream of becoming a detective, she accepts the position.

There is one other reason that Abby was reluctant to transfer to the Internal Affairs Division - she comes from a family of police officers. Her father (Treat Williams) and her three brothers are all members of the Chicago Police Department as well, which puts Abby in the unique position of trying to do her job without alienating her entire family. Thus, this is not your typical cop drama.

The series deals with a number of issues, as Abby's investigations take her into a variety of situations, including a police shooting committed by her favorite brother and a murder in a secret police officer's club - of which her father happens to be a member. Abby finds herself pulled in all directions, a situation that becomes infinitely more complicated when her brother discovers that Abby is romantically involved with his partner. To top it all off, Abby's emotional turmoil leads her into a love triangle that includes a lawyer in the district attorney's office.

Rachel Baker nicely rounds out the case as Abby's mother, a woman torn between her love for her only daughter and her desire to keep things together as her world and her family are being pulled in all directions.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
1 Season, 13 Episodes - Currently Airing
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family
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  • The husband becomes the lead suspect after his wife is shot. Lina stresses that her relationship with Abby will be different after her baby is born.

  • Abby and Lina look into the assumptions of dangerous hazing at a Chicago police recruitment academy.

  • Abby and Lina investigate the apparent suicide of a police officer and sexual-abuse allegations against the department chaplain. Meanwhile, Mackie and Abby's brothers plan a surprise birthday party for Abby and argue over whether to invite Danny or Brody.

  • Abby and Lina investigate the trampling death of a young girl during a brawl among cops at the annual Midwestern Homicide Convention.

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