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Series Length:1 Season, 25 Episodes
Network: TV Tokyo

A hit new fad is sweeping the nation, known as "Air Treks" This hit new trend is a combination of rollerblading and fist fighting, often by gangs of people that control a certain territory or part of the town. Legend speaks of a combatant that is to come, who will be undefeatable, and able to fly higher than anyone else.

Enter Ikki Minami, an average middle school street punk who spends much of his time fighting. After being seduced by a gorgeous vixen, Ikki decides to join the fast paced world of Air Trek. He quickly learns the basics, and forms an Air Trek team with his schoolmate friends. As time goes on, they make a couple more friends who also join the team.

Despite their flaws and lack of experience, Ikki and friends win several Air Trek matches and begin to make a name for themselves. They begin to amass large territories which they control as a result of their victories; they then become the target of larger and more powerful teams.

As Ikki and his friends are eventually challenged by the biggest gang in the area, Behemoth. The Behemoth gang has skilled fighters, and Ikki and his friends just barely win the fight, and become the talk of the entire Air Trek community.

Now that Ikki and his friends are directly involved with the most powerful teams in the country, they begin learning about the legendary rider, that is said to fly higher than all the others. And they suspect Ikki to be this rider. Is Ikki the Air Trek rider mentioned in the legends? Only through his trials and tribulations will the answer be revealed!

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Status: Ended
Genre: Anime
Rating: 9.5/10
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25 Hulu Episodes
  • Ikki's moment to own the skies arrives - as hundreds watch, he must beat Yoshitsune and break the Devil's Thirty Thirty record. Does he have what it takes?

  • With his friends used as bait, Ikki is lured to Trident's base. The gang gets what they wanted all along when Ikki issues a challenge - and the gang's leader accepts.

  • Ikki finds his reputation precedes him in Kyoto: the top teams in the city are looking for piece of the action, and they're not afraid to let Ikki know that there's going to be trouble.

  • It's time for the school trip to Kyoto, but there's a problem - Akito can't afford it. Ikki's team will leave no man behind, so they set out to get some money from Kaito.

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