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Air Master tells the story of Maki Aikawa: A tall, naturally athletic high school student and adrenaline junkie. Maki is a former competitive gymnast, these days, however, gymnastics don't give her the thrill she needs to feel alive, so she spends most of her time in a depressed fugue until an alleyway brawl shows her how well her acrobatic skills work when applied to fighting. This starts her on a quest to find increasingly more skilled opponents, because the more danger she finds, the more time she gets to spend feeling truly alert and aware of the world around her. Maki's aerial prowess is soon the talk of the Tokyo underground fight scene, and earns her a following of combat enthusiasts who give her the moniker of "Air Master."

Tokyo has always been a mecca of the martial arts, and the yakuza (Japanese Mafia, represented by their corporate face, the Fukamichi group) turn a tidy profit from sponsoring the worlds greatest street fighters in their infrequently held "Fukamichi Ranking Tournament," paying the winners more at each level of the tournament. News of a fresh up-and-comer with a gravity defying style of fighting and the flashy title of Air Master, earns Maki the attention of the Fukamichi group and an invitation to the tournament. There she finally finds the challenge she needs to lift the fog of apathy and live life like there is no tomorrow, because a miscalculation in the Fukamichi rankings could mean the ultimate price for the loser.

Will Maki ride the wave of adrenaline, and prove to herself and the world that the Air Master is the worlds greatest fighter, or will she find out that the higher you fly, the longer you have to fall?

Nippon TV
2 Seasons, 27 Episodes - Ended
April 1, 2003
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  • "I will defeat you. I will become a perfect dazzling star in the night sky tonight!" declares Konishi. While standing up to Julietta's random power, Konishi keeps telling himself to remain cool. Konishi breaks Julietta's right leg with his left arm! You can hear the ligament snap in the quiet of the evening park! Konishi prepares for him to submit. However, for some reason, Julietta's right leg comes flying in! And faster than before! How can this be? His ligament was torn! In any case, this is true. Konishi, telling himself to stay cool even more than before, stops trying to guard Julietta's kicks and tries to tackle him instead. If he uses all five of his senses at once he'll tackle him and defeat him! While this is going on, Maki is practicing attacks blindfolded with Miori at their home. Maki learns to be able to sense her surroundings. And then, Maki learns to feel the air...

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