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Discovery Channel's Alaska: The Last Frontier follows the Kilcher family. The family, relatives of the famed singer Jewel, struggle to survive off of the grid in Alaska's unforgiving wilderness, just like past generations of their family have done. The show highlights just how hard living in Alaska is for individuals striving to be as self sufficient as possible.

Alaska: The Last Frontier is set on the Kilcher family's 600 acres of property located just out side of Homer, Alaska. The first of the family to settle the homestead was Yule Kilcher and his wife Ruth, around 80 years ago. Yule has since passed on, but his way of life is continued on and celebrated by the next two generations, Otto Kilcher and his brother Atz (Jewel's father) and Otto's two sons Atz Lee and Eivin. The family is helped along in their quest to thrive and survive in Alaska by their significant others as well. The other people living in the Kilcher household include Otto's wife Charlotte, Atz's girlfriend Bonnie Dupree, Atz Lee's wife Jane and Eivin's wife Eve, all of whom share a deep love for the land and a need to feel connected to nature and one another.

The Kilcher's face many struggles in their every day lives that individuals in the lower 48 never have to deal with. One of the family's main struggles is to make sure that they have enough food to support everyone through the harsh winter months. The family achieves this goal by hunting for bear, fishing the many streams in the area and also raising cattle. In addition, the family has also built a greenhouse in order to take better advantage of the short growing season that is available to those living in Alaska.

Each spring and summer is a struggle for the Kilcher's as they try to get enough wood to heat their homes and enough food to fill their bellies for the long winter that awaits them every year. Despite all their trials though, the Kilcher's couldn't imagine making their homes anywhere else.

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Alaska: The Last Frontier Full Episode Guide

  • On this Father's Day Special, celebrate the Kilcher men’s grit and ingenuity as the family shares personal stories about their legacy.

  • Atz and Otto share memories of their mother, and all mothers of the show are celebrated.

  • Because the Kilchers' lifestyle is dictated by the season, they've been forced to adapt for situations--from rescuing calves born in late winter snow to fighting swarms of mosquitos in almost 24 hr solstice sun. In spring, Otto tries to live down his fisherman's curse.

  • The Kilchers ties up loose ends before the arrival of the first freeze and the baby. Jane faces wicked weather and quicksand while on her very first cattle drive with Otto. Eivin and Eve introduce the newest Kilcher to the world.

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