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The American television series Alias Smith and Jones is concerned about the activities of two guys Hannibal Heyes and Jedediah Curry who after living outside the law, were attempting to bring about a reform, they wanted to change from living with lies to one of honesty and respect for the law.

They wanted to break away from the gang and live new and clean lives. Their plea was endorsed by the governor who gave them his conditional support.

However, he told them he could not pardon their past offenses immediately and so easily but that they needed to work hard and earn it. In the course of that process, they were still to be under the law as wanted men. The governor made this agreement with them in private and wanted it to be kept confidential for political concerns.

Hannibal Heyes and Jedediah Curry were well known cousins. Hannibal was also known as Smith was the crafty one who was always capable of figuring the way out of every situation while Jedediah also known as Jones was not as smart as Smith and was always slow but could handle the gun better than Smith and so was the gunman between the two. The two guys did all they could in their operations to avoid killing people. They always came across detectives and men of the law who were closely monitoring their activities.

The show comprised a mixture of gunplay, fun and humor, some drama and a series of chases.

The title of the series stemmed from their names Smith and Jones, by which they were most known and referred to.

The idea behind the show stemmed from two other movies and a TV series. It was aimed at portraying the lives of fugitives on the run and the impacts they had on the lives of other people they came across. The show was created by Roy Hoggins who was also the producer and director. It aired on ABC and was distributed by Studios USA-TV.

Alias Smith and Jones was shown on ABC and the complete show is available on DVD.

3 Seasons, 51 Episodes - Canceled
January 5, 1971
Action & Adventure
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Alias Smith And Jones Full Episode Guide

  • The boys accept the offer of a vacation - but doesn't realize that the activities during this vacation involves catching and taming wild horses.They and their friend, Bronc, check into a boarding house near where the horses are, and meet some people whose coach has broken down. Among them is Beegee, a woman on the look-out for a husband, and who takes a good look at both Heyes and the Kid. And then there's the very religious man with a sister who has a crush on the Kid.But the boys must also battle wits with a ranch owner who thinks that the horses walk on his land. Prhaps the only solution is to shoot him to stop him from stealing "their" horses?

  • A travelling potion salesman and his daughter come into the boys' protection after they become the only witnesses to a lynching. But the company is soon found by the lynch mob, and they have to start to run if they're to survive.They try to find refuge at a nearby sheriff office, but when the opposing side make the witnesses a phony offer of buying their silence, it's up to Heyes and the Kid to talk them out of it. They will have to run again.But they can't run forever, and the mob catches up with them. It's time to take a stand. Can they withstand the attacks until Heyes comes back with reinforcements?

  • Confusion reigns after Smith and Jones stop to help a wounded man who calls himself McGuffin and asks them to deliver a package of perfect counterfeit $20 plates for him.

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