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Alien Surf Girls is an Australian television show that follows the exodus of two teenage female aliens from their home world to the quiet town of Lightning Point. Filmed on the Gold Coast of Ghana, Africa, this interesting science fiction series is geared towards teenagers.

Alien Surf Girls shadows the movements of the two precocious extra-terrestrials as they make an illicit journey to Earth to explore the fascinating features of a world unknown. Named Kiki and Zoey, the girls land their spaceship in a quiet forest and realize that their trip may last longer than they initially intended, as they find that their spaceship is rendered unusable. Kiki and Zoey mount their exploration and immediately become spellbound by the first major characteristic of Earth they encounter – the ocean. Walking down the beach, the aliens see a local teenage girl surfing, causing both girls to realize their capacity for wonder and jealousy at the same time, as the planet they left behind was dry and desolate.

Zoey and Kiki decide to try their hand at harnessing the power of the ocean and quickly discover they have a natural affinity for it. Both girls befriend the young surfer girl they encountered, named Amber and after unintentionally showing her their alien powers, decide to confide in and end up forming a strong bond with her. Amber finds herself reciprocating their friendship and reacting to their self-confidence, though she finds herself worrying about the possibility of their secret getting out accidently.

Amber takes it upon herself to initiate the two alien surfers into her social circle at the local high school and surfer clique in the local community. The girls meet her friends and almost immediately find themselves in awkward social situations, there and elsewhere in the town. Zoey draws the attention of the top surfers in the area, Brandon and this doesn't sit well with his popular yet prickly girlfriend, Madison. It also doesn't help that Brandon's brother has his suspicions as to who the two girls are. At the same time, Amber, Zoey and Kiki begin to uncover a bigger, mysterious alien plot that threatens not only the wayward girls but the entire town.

Episodes of Alien Surf Girls covers various thematic plot lines such as the complexity of various relationships, the girl's quest to get back home and the investigation into the dark secret the town of Lightning Point is hiding.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 8:30 pm ET on Nickelodeon
1 Season, 26 Episodes - New Series
May 29, 2012
Comedy, Family
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Alien Surf Girls Full Episode Guide

  • Two of the girls are planning to fly back to Lumina, with Brandon's help.

  • Brandon is so excited by his alien energy that he starts to recharge - way too often. Suddenly, in the Diner, Brandon can't help but radiate energy out into the atmosphere - which starts to affect the Diner in supernatural ways. With the whole town gathering outside, Kiki and Zoey are forced to reveal to Brandon that he is half-Luminan - before absorbing the excess energy into their own fields to save him. The force is so strong that the diner is engulfed in white light - and Zoey and Kiki are revealed to everyone in their plasma form. Luckily, they didn't blow their cover. But with all of Lightning Point witnessing an extraterrestrial explosion, for how much longer can they stay hidden?

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