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All About Marriage is a Korean television show that delves into the lives of four South Korean families dealing in situations that can prove comedic, yet hit home with families and their problems world-wide. As the Kim, Han, Nam, and Pyo families and their individual characters are introduced to the viewer living under the same roof, the viewer will start to understand all the drama, stress, and comedic mishaps that can happen when many people live in tight quarters.

In the first episode, aired in 2010, we are taken on a roller-coaster ride of laughs, as Jeongim accidentally finds out her husband is cheating, shamefully ends up in a fight with teenage k-pop fans, and finishes by finding romance with an entertainment agency executive. Follow this series through the twists and turns of a modern day, over-bearing family in South Korea trying to deal with their daughter's love, loss, and ultimate triumph to her own love story.

All About Marriage stars actors Lee Jong Hyuk and Oh Yoon-Ah. Jong Hyuk gained sudden mainstream fame through his successful role in the 2012 television show, A Gentleman's Dignity. Not leaving Oh Yoon Ah behind, this lovely woman made her name known for her successful supporting role as Mi-ja's friend in the 2004 popular hit television show, Old Miss Diary. Both actors have been successful in their previous acting ventures, and continue to have success today.

Directed by Park Man-Young, and Written by Jung Yoo-Kyung, All About marriage will settle into the lives of a sardine-packed household, and explore the love, marriage, infidelity, and divorce that can arise when people are forced to work and live together as a familial unit. In this drama that articulates the all-inclusive language of families striving to maintain sanity in an ever-changing world, All About Marriage stakes a fresh take on the subject.

1 Season, 56 Episodes - Canceled
June 19, 2010
Korean Drama
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All About Marriage Full Episode Guide

  • Da Hye gives birth to a daughter. In Seon adores her new granddaughter.

  • Soon Ok has a successful surgery. Yeon Ho breaks off her engagement.

  • Jeong Im finds out that Soon Ok has cancer. She rushes to the hospital to see her.

  • In pyo realizes he missed having Jong Nam hanging around.

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