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Two of the most recognized household names would be that of Susan Lucci and her character; Erica Kane. This recognition is thanks to the iconic daytime drama; All My Children. Little did anyone know that when the very first episode aired on ABC on January 5, 1970 that the show would run for an incredible 41 years or that it would develop such a following; however, that's just exactly what happened.

All My Children took place in the fictitious town of Pine Valley, a suburb of Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. While every town has its share of drama Pine Valley definitely experienced more than its fair share thanks to the catalytic lives of the characters. Phoebe Tyler a snobbish rich woman, played by Ruth Warrick, was the self proclaimed 'queen' of Pine Valley; Mona Kane, a single mother and her daughter, Erica; and the Martin family.

While other characters such as Adam Chandler and Palmer Courtland were added for a potentially villainous effect the original group managed to stay a focus for most of the story lines for the first decade of the show. However, as the 80's rolled around love became the watch word as we rooted for Cliff and Nina, Greg and Jenny, Jesse and Angie, Tad and Dixie and of course let's not forget Natalie and Trevor.

The show took the unique approach of showing the actual human factions of its characters as it showed both the good and the bad sides of everyone's nature. While there were some characters who you wanted to see get what they had coming to them it wasn't unusual to find yourself rooting for them at a later point in time. This trend worked both ways in the fact that you might find yourself shocked by the actions of the, so called, good guys.

The show also saw a wide range of superstars grace its stage. Here are just a few: Elizabeth Taylor, Carol Burnett, Amanda Seyfried, Christian Slater, Eva LaRue, and Kelley Rippa, just to name a few.

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All My Children Full Episode Guide

  • All My Children Season Finale Special! Eden Riegel (Bianca), Jill Larson (Opal), Lindsay Hartley (Cara) - and a mystery guest (hint: think six-pack abs)! - celebrate a sizzling first season in Pine Valley by dishing first kisses, on-set crushes and MORE!

  • Your VIP pass to everything AMC: Vincent Irizarry (David) admits getting between Angie & Jesse, a real-life romance for Eric Nelsen (AJ), Jordan Lane Price (Celia) spills Celia's secrets, Gala fashion, plus your exclusive First Look at the Season Finale!

  • Your VIP pass to everything AMC: Ryan Bittle (JR) confesses his sins, a sticky situation in Pine Valley, a star-studded baby shower, on vacation with Jordan Lane Price (Celia), fans sound off, and your First Look at what's coming up next week!

  • Jason Derulo performs at the Chandler Media Gala.

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The man who carved out slices of many daytime-soap fans' hearts will probably never do it again. Entertainment Weekly reports that ABC programming executive Brian Frons - who was instrumental in ABC's decisions to cancel "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" - has announced that he'll depart the Disney-owned network this January, as ABC merges its daytime and syndication units into a single entity called Time Square Studio. Frons had held his position since 2002, and will be leaving voluntarily as his current contract ends, according to information from ABC.

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Familiar faces keep showing up in familiar places, and it's giving "All My Children" a memorable send-off into TV history. Several alumni who went on to bigger and better things after their respective tenures on the show have been coming out of the woodwork, reprising their old roles and bringing ABC's soap-opera institution around full-circle. The latest to give the show's final season a sense of history and closure has spent the last decade-plus making vampires and demons wet themselves, while fleeing meowing Japanese ghosts in terror.

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Back in 1993, a 16-year-old girl stepped onto the set of one of the biggest soap operas in town, "All My Children." For two years, she played the role of teenager Kendall, before departing the soap in 1995. Little did anyone know, her next move would be to appear in the cult-hit TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and launch a career in feature films just a few years later. Yep, that girl was Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is set to appear next in the CW series "Ringer.

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