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Series Length:6 Seasons, 42 Episodes
Network: Nickelodeon

A comedy sketch show from Nickelodeon.

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Genre: Family
Rating: 9.7/10
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  • The cast receives a complimentary letter from their biggest fan, Danny Tamberelli. They enjoy the letter so much they pay him a visit and add him to the cast, along with his friends Christy and Leon.

  • Kel, Alisa, and Tricia enter the green room and find a lifeguard on duty. They walk out only to start drowning. He rescues them one by one and they start the show. Plus, Lunch Lady and audience fishing!

  • The entire cast, except for Amanda, enters the green room and one by one they climb into a big box. Amanda comes in, hears the others in the box, picks it up and carries it out to start the show. Plus, a food critic goes to Good Burger!

  • A delivery man brings the cast their lunches. Kel gets the wrong sandwich. Amanda gets golf balls. Alisa gets a firehose. Tricia gets fried hair. Josh gets a foot. But Kenan's lunch is almost perfect. Plus, Vital Information and Whacky Class!

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