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American Digger is a show aired on spike that is about treasure hunting right in America that features Ric Savage, former wrestler. The people on American Digger visit people's homes in the United States and try to find buried treasure in their backyards. In America Digger Ric Savage and his accompanying crew go to people's houses who the believe have a good possibility of housing treasure in the backyard. Ric and his team then attempt to convince the homeowners to let them tear up their backyard in search of buried treasure. If the homeowners agree they go on their way and look for any pieces of American History that they can sell.

If Ric and his team are successful and uncover something that is worth selling for big bucks, they must first make an agreement with the owners of the home. The homeowners must agree to a certain profit percentage of the sold item or items. Once they agree, Ric and his team leave and attempt to sell the historic treasures for big bucks.

American Digger has received criticism by certain groups of people. The most concern is from scholars who believe that the show promotes historic items that symbolize our culture to be sold or destroyed.

Even so, the show has become popular and many people enjoy tuning in to it. The American Digger crew is composed of Ric Savage, Rue Shumate, Bob Buttafuso, Ric's wife Rita, and their 25-year old son Giuseppe. Each person plays a key role in the show, for example Rita manages the whole business.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
1 Season, 13 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 20, 2012
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American Digger Full Episode Guide

  • American Savage is heading for the bayou, seeking priceless artifacts hidden for centuries until being churned up by massive hurricanes. Property owners are scarce though, and putrid mud and gator-infested swamps complicate this dig.

  • American Savage searches for artifacts from the oldest permanent European settlement in the US. But with much of the area historically protected, and suspicious homeowners guarding the rest, finding a place to dig proves to be difficult.

  • Searching for Civil War relics, American Savage heads to Middletown, VA, anticipating rare Confederate artifacts that would crop up a big payday, but a homeowner threatens to shut them down before they make a dime.

  • The search is on for artifacts from Chicago's gangland past but the homeowners, police, and underground challenges don't make the search easy.

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