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American Misfits is the American remake of the famous and highly watched British television series Misfits. In this action packed skateboarding comedy, you watch as anti-stars Laban Pheidias and Ted Newsome try to deal with the crazy quirky antics of the crazy trouble stirring Boss who is played by Jay Johnston. You follow the crazy duo as they deal with funny plotted schemes, while also dealing with the idiotic mishaps of the trouble causing Boss.

This show is laugh out loud funny and will leave you wanting more, as you watch normal situations transformed to out of this world proportions. This show takes a normal business meeting and turns it into a humongous mess mixed with weird abnormalities, loony antics, and wacky pranks. This show is packed with funny story lines and jaw dropping skateboarding skills. Their casts consist of actor's Laban Pheidias as himself, Jason ‘Wee Man' Acuna as himself, Bobby lee as The General, Paul Christensen as Paul the guy, Jeff king as kingdog, Ted Newsome as himself, and finally Adam Spring as himself.

This television show has a hilarious cast that will leave you laughing until you cry. The show also centers around a lot of amazing skateboarding that will leave you wanting more. It is great to know that Americans will have there own crazier version of the British misfits. The show features various loony skits, skate boarding and many surprises in between. The cast is Funny and witty and the schemes will surprise you. The American Misfits is one of the craziest shows on television and will leave you wanting more.

3 Seasons, 34 Episodes - New Series
January 1, 2005
American Misfits
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American Misfits Full Episode Guide

  • The grand finalĂ© of American Misfits season three, the Quest for Gnar.

  • The American Misfits crew skates a dirty ditch in Columbia, SC with local ripper Trip Taylor and a toxic goat man.

  • The American Misfits arrive in Birmingham, AL and hit up Ted's favorite childhood spot, the ghetto banks.

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