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America's Game: The Super Bowl Champions is a sports documentary series that was produced by NFL films. The initial run of 20 episodes were presented in order as a countdown of the top 20 Super Bowl winning teams in football history. The next 20 editions of the show rounded the first run. Each year they produce a new episode to honor the championship team from the previous season.

Each episode of the show uses archival footage of that season's games to document the championship winning season. The series uses interviews from three to four different members of the team to explain the highs and lows of their season and tell stories about what went on behind the scenes. The participating members were players, coaches, announcers, and even front office personnel. Every episode is narrated by a recognizable voice of a famous Hollywood actor. Alec Baldwin, Gene Hackman, Bruce Willis, Lawrence Fishburne, Tom Selleck, Donald Sutherland, Ed Harris, John Hamm, and Brad Pitt all lent their voices to the project as narrators.

The debut episode celebrated the Super Bowl season of 1983. Howie Long, Marcus Allen and Todd Christensen all recalled their championship run with the Los Angeles Raiders. The Pittsburgh Steelers Dynasty of the 1970's were well represented as well with 4 episodes that included Lynn Swann, Joe Green, Rocky Bleier, Franco Harris, John Stallworth and several other members of their championship run. The 1980's were well represented by the San Francisco 49'ers who won 4 Super Bowls that decade. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Tom Rathman and Russ Francis were among the participants of those episodes. The Dallas Cowboys were well represented for their championship teams of the 1990's. The Cowboys of that era were represented in the show by Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Jimmy Johnson and Emmitt Smith. The team that was number one of the countdown was the undefeated Miami Dolphins of 1972. Alec Baldwin narrated that episode that featured Don Shula, Manny Fernandez and Larry Csonka.

Winning the Super Bowl not only gets each seasons champion a trophy and a place in history. It also rewards them with a chance to live on in a quality program, America's Game: The Super Bowl Champions.

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America's Game: The Super Bowl Champions
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America's Game: The Super Bowl Champions Full Episode Guide

  • The New Orleans Saints are winners of Super Bowl XLIV, defeating the Indianapolis Colts. Storytellers are Sean Payton, Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma. The show is narrated by Brad Pitt.

  • The 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers are winners of Super Bowl XLIII, defeating the Arizona Cardinals. Storytellers, or interview subjects, are Mike Tomlin, Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu. The show is narrated by Jon Hamm.

  • Re-live the story of the 2007 New York Giants through the eyes of Michael Strahan, Eli Manning, and Tom Coughlin.

  • Re-live the story of the 2006 Indianapolis Colts through the eyes of Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy, and Jeff Saturday. Narrated by Donald Sutherland.

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