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Amor Bravio is a soap opera filled with intrigue, jealousy and passion, murder and conspiracy, its protagonists Christian de La Fuente and Silvia Navarro, enliven Camila and Daniel, a couple which fight to overcome all obstacles to be together. Directed brilliantly by Carlos Moreno, this production takes place in two countries, Chile and Mexico. While Daniel lives a loving live with his wife in Chile, Camila is preparing her wedding in Mexico. Camila and Daniel accidentally lose their partners and without knowing each other, fate will put them face to face someday to fight bravely for love.

While Camila returns to the hacienda La Malquerida, there she finds comfort to her heart until Andres appears in her life after serving and now been released from prison crossing borders to rebuild his life.

Andres and Daniel are the same person but there is only one Amor Bravio for Camila, and as well is titled, Amor Bravio means courageous love, love that everything can, surpassing all attacks and threats that occur along the way, even death.

Daniel has had a life full of pitfalls and anguish and his thirst for revenge is too great. Blaming the Monterde family for his misfortunes, Daniel begins his trip to Mexico without imagining that his revenge would be unable because he would find a ferocious love stronger than death itself and he will fight to win.

Amor Bravio present antagonists in the plot on the characters of the renowned Cesar Evora and the baddest of all Leticia Calderon, who will not rest until consummate their evil plans.

Masterfully developed between turns and labyrinths of love, this novel will keep you on the edge of the seat discovering step by step plans and struggles, giving way to the most ferocious and courageous love that has ever been so aptly demonstrated.

Will Camila and Daniel be able to overcome all the evil that lurks them? They will only do it with that Amor Bravio able to overcome everything and everyone, a love that was born to fight and live free, love destined to survive by strength and bravery.

Weeknights at 10pm on Univision
1 Season, 161 Episodes - Canceled
March 5, 2012
Soaps, Latino
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Amor Bravio Full Episode Guide

  • Isadora entra al reclusorio y sus compañeras saben que su maldad no tiene límites. Dionisio no descansar'á hasta tener a Camila.

  • Es el funeral de Doña Agustina y finalmente Leoncio es puesto en una c'árcel de alta seguridad y así LuzMa podr'á vivir en paz.

  • Agustina no muere, pero si evita que Camila se entregue a Dionisio. Miriam descubre que Camila y Daniel se casaron.

  • Agustina le escribe una carta a Camila despidiéndose y se suicida, para evitar que su hija se acueste con Dionisio y le entregue la Mal Querida.

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