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National Geographic puts on the TV show Ancient Civilizations. This series is comprised of mini documentaries that explore civilizations of our past. It's both informative and interesting. Modern technology is used in this show to go beyond standard historical facts and therefore allows viewers to see new discoveries that were once hidden from mankind. Miniature robots designed with video feeds are commonly used to venture into places that people otherwise would not be able to penetrate. This technology allows people to discovery hidden civilizations and archaeological evidence of civilizations that were once lost forever.

In addition to small robots, Ancient Civilizations has used several other technological advances to make new discoveries. Common technologies that are used include many different types of scans. This allows vision into physical matter that the naked eye would otherwise be unable to penetrate.

Ancient Civilizations answers many historical questions. The wonders behind the past are now able to be answered.This gives viewers answers to many questions that have plagued them, it gives answers that were once just beyond reach.

Secrets into past civilizations have been unlocked and are now available to be viewed by all. Secrets into many early civilizations sustainability patterns have been discovered. Ancient Civilizations have proven that others have succeeded long before many modern civilizations were even around. People have been shown past mistakes that have destroyed whole civilizations and can be used to prevent present day problems.

New secrets are waiting to be discovered. Each episode will bring new information to light, showing viewers new facts that could have easily been lost in the shadows forever. With each episode a chapter of history is opened, questions are answered and new questions are formed. Ancient Civilizations continues to search through time with each and every episode, opening chapter after chapter of historical facts that cover every location across the globe.

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Ancient Civilizations Full Episode Guide

  • Join two scientists and an explorer as they travel to Lebanon to find out more about the ancient Phoenicians. The scientists are using genetics to determine the link between the current Lebanese population and the early Phoenicians - from bone excavations made. Meanwhile, the explorer tries to retrace the shipping and sailing routes of the Phoenicians who were aggressive explorers and discovered and conquered other Mediterranean lands.

  • Almost every major culture includes an ancient flood story. What if evidence of the Great Flood could be found? Join Dr. Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, on an odyssey to find the submerged truth about the Great Flood. Dr. Ballard sets off to look for ancient shipwrecks, and search for evidence supporting a controversial theory that links the legend of the Great Flood with the catastrophic flooding of the Black Sea around 5500 B.C. As his sonar scans the desolate sea floor, and robotic submersibles search the haunting darkness of the Black Sea's "dead zone," the truth begins to emerge from the murky depths of myth and legend.

  • Who are we, and where did we come from? Follow an eerie trail of ash-entombed footprints...hold the razor-sharp stone tools of our ancient ancestors...unearth fossilized skeletons dated at a millions years and more. These are some of the fascinating clues in one of the greatest mysteries of all time: The origins of the human race.

  • Join famed underwater explorer Dr. Robert Ballard as a rare find off the coast of Israel sends him, a team of experts, and a National Geographic crew on a quest to solve an archaeological mystery. See the oldest shipwrecks ever found in the deep Mediterranean, relive the excitement of an ancient wreck discovered by a U.S. Navy nuclear sub, and probe the secrets of these unprecedented archaeological 'time capsules' and the clues they offer to an extraordinary, ancient civilization that dates back to biblical times.

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