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Angels Among us is an inspirational television series that is hosted by Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Each week the viewers are introduced to true stories of survival during a horrendous time in someone's life when all seems lost. Weather related danger, car crashes and terrorists attacks are just a few of the catastrophes that are explored in this program.

The survivors tell the audience their harrowing stories. They talk about the circumstances that led to them becoming put in life threatening situations. Just when it seems there is no hope for survival, an angel appears to help them. This is not about the angels heard about from the bible, but everyday people who choose to help someone in need, even if it puts their own life in jeopardy.

Each story explores the victim's feelings at the time through their firsthand accounts of the situation. They tell how they felt at the time and how the rescuer has made an impact on the way they live their lives today. Actors do the reenactments but the interviews are with the actual victims and rescuers.

The rescuers and the victims tell the story from their point of view. They explain how they managed to arrive at the right time and give details of the rescue itself. There are three different stories each week. Told through reenactments and first hand recollections of from the victim and rescuer, this series explores the known and unknown realms of possibility that there are angels among us.

Some of the victims believe that their rescue was divine intervention and have changed their way of living. They state that they have become better people because of their near death experience and are forever in debt to their rescuers. Some of the heroes have no explanation why they were in the right place at the right time. They just knew that they were needed to save someone from danger.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on CMT
1 Season, 6 Episodes - Currently Airing
Mini-Series, Family, History
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  • Genelle Guzman is on the 13th floor of World Trade Tower One when it collapses on top of her. Miraculously, she survives, but is trapped under the rubble for over 24 hours. With hope of rescue fading, an angel takes her hand and assures her that help is on the way. In Tower Two, Ron DiFrancesco escapes death when the second plane hits his floor, but soon discovers all escape routes have been cut off by a raging inferno. On the edge of despair, he hears an otherworldly voice urging him to run into the fire. And at the Pentagon, American Airlines flight 77 slams into the building 100 feet from John Yates. Despite massive injuries, he is guided towards safety. by an angel.

  • People who have near-death experiences share their stories of survival and hope when angels appear to them.

  • People who have near-death experiences share their stories of survival and hope when angels appear to them.

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