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Animal Armageddon brings to life an unprecedented vision of ancient Earth, set against a backdrop of global catastrophe and major extinctions. Over the 600 million year history of animal life, numerous mass extinctions have consumed the planet Earth. These epic catastrophes killed off millions of strange and amazing creaturesthe chilling fact is that 99.9% of all animal life that has ever lived is now extinct. Using cutting edge research and the latest scientific theories, Animal Armageddon transports viewers to the center of the most horrific disasters in the history of our planet. From a cosmic gamma ray burst bombarding the atmosphere triggering the very first mass extinction to an asteroid the size of Mt. Everest slamming into the Yucatan, killing off the dinosaurs these terrible natural events caused untold devastation. Still, no matter how severe the apocalypse, planet Earth, the Animal Planet, survives. Life, ever resilient, begins again.

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Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
1 Season, 8 Episodes - New Series
Documentary & Biography, Animals
Animal Armageddon
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  • An investigative look at the impact made on the animals 250 million years ago by volcanic eruptions.

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