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Animal Cops: Houston is a show that airs on Animal Planet. This show depicts the real rescues of neglected and abused animals in Houston, Texas. At the beginning of the show, Animal Cops investigators are in pursuit. The investigators receive tips from 911 callers. These tips are in reference to animals in Houston that are in danger. The tips can be anonymous. Some animals are starved by their owner, some animals are abused, and some animals live amongst filth. The cops must first find the animal in question, and then locate the owner. After that is complete, the cop must take a thorough look at the animal and its living conditions. If the animal is being treated inhumanely, then the cops take the animal away from the owner. In some cases, the cops may leave the animal in the home and follow up with the animal's condition at a later date.

If no attempts are done to remedy the animal's condition, then the owner must sign the animal over to the impound. If they don't sign the waver, then they will be subject to fines, penalties, and jail time. They take animal neglect and abuse very seriously. In some instances, animal cops will receive a call to known animal hoarders. Animal hoarders have a compulsion condition, which they cannot control the amount of animals they keep in their home. Since this addiction is hard to kick, animal cops may come to the hoarders house numerous times.

After the animals are taken out of the owners care, the animal will arrive at the animal shelter/hospital. The animal goes through a vigorous cleaning and physical. After the determination is made that the animal is healthy, then the animal will be trained to interact properly with humans. This is mandatory if the shelter is giving the animal up for adoption. Once these jobs are finished, the animal can now be picked to go to a good home.

Daily 12:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
10 Seasons, 133 Episodes - Currently Airing
August 11, 2003
Animal Cops: Houston
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