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Animal Planet Extreme features different animals on each episode. They educate their viewers on the strength and weakness of the animal. They also talk about the animal's speed, behavior, anatomy and discuss the diet of the animal. On each episode they use computer animation to compare the animal’s ability with something in humans. This gives another perspective on these animals that many people would not normally see.

On one show they talk about the hammerhead shark and its sense of vision and smell. They also discuss the shark's ability to sense voltage as low as a half-billionth of a volt. This was compared to a team of hackers that were looking for faint wireless signals. On another episode they discussed how animals defend and protect themselves from danger. They also talk about which animals cause the most trouble for humans just because of their nature.

Discovery Channel
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
July 30, 2011
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  • They're the most ruthless killers on earth and out of control. A zombie-like pathogen is spreading to big cats around the world, removing their fear of human civilization. These predators have a thirst for blood, and we're their next target.

  • A woman who claims to have been raised by monkeys returns to the jungles of Colombia to discover the truth behind her ordeal. Accompanied by her daughter, she will piece together what she can of her childhood and undergo tests to prove her claims.

  • More than two million aggressive, wild pigs are running amok in Texas, attacking people and terrorizing neighborhoods. Follow a special team of hunters and conservationists as they hunt down these invasives and investigate their destructive powers.

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