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Series Length:2 Seasons, 11 Episodes

The wildest animal lovers around. This show will show you extremes from house pets to creatures in nature.

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Genre: Nature
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  • A woman who claims to have been raised by monkeys returns to the jungles of Colombia to discover the truth behind her ordeal. Accompanied by her daughter, she will piece together what she can of her childhood and undergo tests to prove her claims.

  • More than two million aggressive, wild pigs are running amok in Texas, attacking people and terrorizing neighborhoods. Follow a special team of hunters and conservationists as they hunt down these invasives and investigate their destructive powers.

  • Killer invasive reptiles and creatures are overrunning Florida - endangering people and pets. Follow a special team of hunters and conservationists as they track down giant pythons, vicious mini dinosaurs, and a slimy species that carries a deadly virus.

  • An alien species is out of control in America - the Burmese python. Breeding more and more, swallowing bigger and bigger prey, they're proving even humans are fair game. Can anything stop these man-eaters before it's too late?

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