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Animal Practice is one of the many shows that people can view. The show is a comedy series that begin shortly after the 2012 summer Olympics. This show is a sitcom and was produced by two production companies. In the show viewers will check out a show that takes place in a veterinary office. Animal Practice was shown on NBC during its time on the air. However the show was canceled in October due to low ratings. The show will be replaced by another show in mid November of 2012.

In this particular show viewers will get to examine the life of a veterinarian named Dr. George Coleman. This show is very much like medical drama shows but in this show viewers will examine the life of a veterinarian. For those who like medical based drama shows, Animal Practice will be an intriguing show to watch and therefore one that is enjoyable as well. For those who are looking to see a quality drama series about a veterinary practice then this is one of the better shows to watch.

The show has a number of people in the story including four veterinary doctors and other acquaintances of the veterinarians. These people include Dr. Robert Yamamoto, Juanita, Angela, Dr. Dough Jacks, Dr. Rizzo, Dr. Jill Leiter and also Dorothy Crane. During its development it was originally called Animal Kingdom. However it got changed to its current name. Animal Practice got decent reviews but it did poorly as far as ratings was concerned. There are seven episodes of the show, so it was one that was quite brief in length.

Despite the show's low ratings it is still one that will be worth watching to some viewers. As stated earlier those who like shows about medical and healthcare topics will likely find this show appealing. Those who enjoy sitcoms will also like to watch this show and find it a good one to watch. Animal Practice may have been a short show but it will be one that had some good contend during its brief run.

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1 Season, 9 Episodes - Canceled/Ending
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Animal Practice Full Episode Guide

  • When George's Mother invites him to Thanksgiving Dinner, George forces Doug and Doug's dad to join them only to discover there might be sparks between George's Mom and Doug's Dad. Meanwhile, Dorothy spends Thanksgiving with Juanita's family and Angela sets out to distract Yamamoto from calling his wife.

  • Angela helps a bulldog slim down and Dorothy tries to get closer to her staff.

  • While George deals with a cockatoo that keeps ingesting chocolate, Doug focuses on the owner's socialite granddaughter.

  • George feels inferior to Jill's strong new presence at the hospital. Annoyed by this increasing competition, George tries to sabotage her.

Animal Practice News

'Animal Practice' Season 1, Episode 7: 'The Two Colemans' Recap

Dorothy is working late. Deep breathing comes over the camera, and a point of view of watching her. The observer creeps closer, frightening Dorothy with a noise. Rizzo leaps out, wearing a Freddy Kreuger mask. Dorothy isn’t impressed—nor is she frightened by Yamamoto, hanging by a noose in her closet. Jill and George are performing surgery for an excited audience, but argue about which stitch to use when closing up their dog. It’s the annual Halloween party at the hospital.

'Animal Practice' Can't Be Resuscitated, Mind-Numbing 'Whitney' Takes Slot

So close, and yet… have we just fallen out of the pan and into the fire? NBC has pulled its lackluster comedy “Animal Practice,” but rather than try replacing it with a prime-time option that might feature decent writing or a promising storyline, it’s choosing to give stinker “Whitney” another hopeful shove into the limelight. As of November 14, “Whitney” will be sneaking into the coveted 8pm Wednesday time slot, beginning its second season after having its premiere held back—presumably for just such an opportunity as this.

'Animal Practice' Season 1, Episode 4: 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Coleman' Recap

A woman enters the hospital with an authoritative air. Immediately, Rizzo dashes off, causing chaos in his hurry to reach Dr. Coleman, just as the woman is demanding to see him. Rizzo books it to Coleman’s office and draws the blinds. Coleman, surprised by his behavior, says he hasn’t seen him act that way since… Yes. It is Dr. Coleman’s mother, Virginia. Everyone is in an uproar—especially Dorothy, since he told her his mother was dead. She’s in with her cat, creatively named Cat.

'Animal Practice' Season 1, Episode 3: 'Clean-Smelling Pirate' Recap

We’re back in the action as George is in the middle of bandaging a bird that keeps flying into a couple’s window. When the husband makes the mistake of insulting the bird’s intelligence, George snaps back at him about choosing birds over humans when it comes to evolution… Yamamoto proves his point by continuing to run into the glass doors while attempting to deliver coffee. Dorothy is speaking with an “emotionally unavailable” father who is dumping his kid at the hospital for the day while his terrier awaits surgery.

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