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Aquarion, also sometimes known as Genesis of Aquarion, is a modern anime television show that takes many of its cues from older science fiction animes. Anime is a type of Japanese cartoon, but unlike most Western cartoons, anime is usually designed to be watched by teens or adults, as opposed to being watched by children. Like many animes, Aquarion originally aired in Japan before being translated into English and airing in the United States.

The plot of the show centers around a huge robot called Aquarion. Aquarion is really a type of weapon that was originally created and used twelve thousand years before the show's story takes place. Aquarion was designed to be used to fight the Shadow Angels, a type of immortal, powerful beasts that are intent on harvesting the life force of humans. In that long ago time, Aquarion and its pilots were able to defeat the Shadow Angels and seal them away. However, when a cataclysmic event occurs in the present day, the Shadow Angels once again emerge.

The Shadow Angels themselves are very dangerous, but their plot against humanity is even worse. They use their amazing technological abilities to create flying machines that harvest humans. These machines, which are known as harvest beasts, are piloted by robots known as the Cherubim Soldiers. It is the Cherubim Soldiers that humans must first defeat if they want to go on living.

Human technology proves to be too weak to fight the Cherubim Soldiers and the Shadow Angels. However, when three advanced machines, known as Vectors, are uncovered, there is some hope that all is not lost. It takes very unique people, people with special powers, to pilot these machines. These people and their powers are known as Elements. Luckily, though, when the three Vectors and their pilot Elements combine, they are able to create three different forms of the legendary Aquarion. In these forms, the Elements and their organization hope to one day bring Earth back under human control, eliminating the Shadow Angels.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 26 Episodes - Canceled
April 4, 2005
Anime, Science Fiction
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Aquarion Full Episode Guide

  • The secrets of the Solar Wing have been revealed, with much blood lost in the battle between the Shadow Angels and their wingless rivals. As Sirius rejoins his friends in the fight against their true enemy, the end of the world is rumbling, shaking the union of peace and sanity. The smoldering debris from the collision of two hearts over 12,000 years ago has rained destruction throughout the ages. Was the carnage worth it? Perhaps the ultimate hero Aquarion will be forced to make the final sacrifice and save the souls of every sentient being. The war ends now.

  • The remaining members of the Aquarion team have broken through to Atlandia and prophecy is leaning towards the end of the world. Souls are stirred awake as guns blaze across dimensions, and betrayal awaits. Silvia watches from captivity and a cloud of torn love as Sirius and Apollo meet in combat, heading once and for all toward their final destiny. The secrets of the Solar Wing are cast into the sun as revenge and fate mingle in a crimson haze.

  • The harvest of the wingless ones escalates and the Shadow Angels have gained the upper hand, now that Sirius has joined them. A desperate Element undertakes a risky mission that could end in tragedy, and everybody watching is uncertain of the outcome. Final fate is looming and it must be accepted or fought. An all out assault on Atlandia is in the works, everyone preparing for a major battle. Only Apollo and his team can stave off the carnage. They must open the gates to Heaven and undertake a dangerous rescue mission. But it might already be too late.

  • Shock and madness are the only constants as both Shadow Warrior and human blood mingle in the veins of a beloved heart and familiar face. Good and evil are surgically enhanced, sewn together in dubious lab experiments that threaten the sanctity of life. Two of the Elements' own have changed radically and loyalties lie now divided and raw. A next generation Aquarion appears to join the fight, and the pilot is a real victim of the unending war. As tradition and dreams clash, one girl takes a stand. Will sister follow sibling into the dark realm of the Shadow Angels?

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