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Series Length:7 Seasons, 127 Episodes
Network: HDNet

The reality television show Art Mann Presents follows the travels of comedian Art Mann as he ranges across North America in search of parties, festivals and strange or unique events. Host Art Mann acts as a reporter playing the straight man to the unusual, often-drunk attendants at the various different locations visited in every episode. A- and B-list celebrity guests are also often featured, like Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Kimberly Fisher and Jesse Jane; Art Mann has also had guest co-hosts, like actress Jessica Mathews.

As a variety travel show, Art Mann presents has visited a large range of areas of North America, usually in the United States. Sports events, whether mainstream or niche, are frequently featured; in line with the focus on partying, Mardi Gras celebrations in and out of New Orleans have also been shown in various episodes. Other episodes focus on specific cities' or subcultures' unique party scenes.

Art Mann Presents was created for HDNet (now AXS TV) by Art Mann, Mark Cuban and Nick G. Miller; besides being host and star, Art Mann also acted as executive producer. The show began airing in early 2005 on HDNet. As the show especially focuses on the type of wild parties where clothing is sometimes optional, an uncensored version of the show was produced alongside the first several seasons; this version, Art Mann Presents: Unrated, aired late at night following the regular airing, but was cut when HDNet became AXS TV in July of 2012 and the network moved away from "men's interest" programming towards more general entertainment.

From its beginning, Art Mann Presents has been a production of the same network, HDNet, now known as AXS TV. The initial season of Art Mann Presents had 19 numbered 30-minute episodes, not counting the uncensored versions of the same episodes. Subsequent seasons have had full seasons of more than 20 episodes, though the specific number of episodes has varied. Art Mann Presents airs on the cable network AXS TV, which is available in both the United States and Canada.

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Rating: 7/10
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  • In Dallas, Art celebrates St. Patricks Day with the masses.

  • Music, pinup girls and cars at a rockabilly gathering in North America.

  • Las Vegas earns this title in only one night every year.

  • The football spectacular includes intense rivalries, drunken tailgating, street parties, and people eating until they lose their payload.

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