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Astro Boy was originally a manga series aired in Japan back in the 1950's. The shoe ended up being fairly popular, and is one of the main things that helped jump start Japan's never ending production of manga series, and people went as far as to say that Astro Boy was the "God of Manga". Astro Boy later aired worldwide and was completely remade in the 1980's, and was called Shin Tetsuwan Atomu in Japan, and Astroboy in most other countries. Astro Boy was again remade in 2003, and has became so popular that there is now an American 3-D animated movie made after it that came out in 2009.

The show features Astro Boy,a powerful robot, and was meant to appeal to elementary school aged boys. The show is full of battling robots, angry, robot-hating humans, and even invading aliens, since the plot is set in a futuristic world where humans and robots are meant to co exist, even though it does not always happen that way.

Astro Boy also had a series of manga books written after it. 23 paperback Astro Boy stories were published and read by people all over Japan. Later on the comic books were translated into English so that people in America could read them, and they were a big hit. The books were changed from the original right to left format that the Japanese use, and formatting to read from left to right, the traditional American style.

Astro Boy is a great TV series to watch for sci-fi fans, young boys, and anyone who enjoys manga and anime series.

Nippon TV
1 Season, 100 Episodes - Ended
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  • Illegal robot fights are being staged in secret locations to entertain spectators. When Astro and the Blue Knight try to stop the battles, they are forced to fight each other. As they prepare for battle, Astro learns the truth about the Blue Knight's past

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