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Attack of the Show is a live television show that airs nightly on G4, a channel intended for the 20-something demographic. Part news show, part technology reviews, and part pop culture the show runs through the most important news and technological upgrades that are important to the 20-something crowd.

The show is hosted by Sara Underwood and Candace Bailey, at the moment, but since its inception it has had a number of different hosts, co-hosts and guest hosts. The show continues to work with a number of television personalities to keep things fresh.

ATOS, as it is often known, keeps things fresh by bringing a witty spin to the technological gadget news that people simply love to read and hear about. They also touch on important developments in the video game industry and collects pop culture news, videos and viral videos that make their way around the web on a daily basis.

The show notoriously shies away from serious news of any kind and instead focuses on the "fluff" side of news and updates. The show is generally broken down into segments which are animated by interesting and explosive animated screenshots. For example, the "Sneakerheads" segment updates the world on the latest and greatest in new sneakers and shoe apparel. The "Epic Fail" portion of the show is one of the most popular. The segment picks a video from around the internet; often from YouTube, that highlights the concept of "epic fail". The commentators then proceed to break the video down shot-by-shot to figure out exactly what went wrong during the segment. Each week new segments find their way into the show and several are constantly being rotated. Epic Fail remains at all times.

The show began airing in 2005 and since then has grown in popularity even after losing some of its most beloved hosts. Olivia Munn began on AOTS but soon left to pursue other ventures. She has been greatly missed, however her replacements have worked hard to keep the show fresh and well-liked. They have succeeded wildly.

Weekday 7:00 PM et/pt on G4
8 Seasons, 565 Episodes - Canceled
March 28, 2005
Comedy, Talk & Interview
Attack Of The Show
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