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Auction Kings, a Discovery Channel reality TV series, focuses on Gallery 63, a Sandy Springs, Georgia, auction house owned and operated by Paul Brown. The series highlights items brought to the auction house by hopeful sellers and the reactions these items provoke in the Gallery 63 staff.

The series premiered on October 26, 2010, and runs in a half-hour format. For each 30 minute episode, 22 minutes are devoted to the series and eight minutes to commercials. Discovery Channel runs two episodes back-to-back to fill an hour slot. In addition to Paul Brown, several Gallery 63 employees are showcased in the series. Cindy Shook is the manager, including keeping tabs on every item in the inventory. Jon Hammond, as assistant manager and picker, responds to calls from potential sellers by visiting their homes and assessing the auction potential of their items. Delfino Ramos' handyman skills are put to the test repairing and cleaning auction items before they go up for sale. Other series regulars include auctioneers Jason Brooks and Guerry Wise. For the series' third season, beginning April 25, 2012, new cast members include Jamie Breese, a British collectibles expert, and Ernie and Steve Garrett, also called the Garrett Brothers, as pickers who hunt for off-the-wall items around the country.

Each episode of the Auction Kings follows the same format. Viewers are introduced to several items, usually three, that a seller has brought into Gallery 63 to put up for auction. Brown or another staff member asks about the item's purpose and history and how much money the seller would like to get from the item's sale. Many potential auction items are off-beat and unique, generating some interesting discussion.

Brown often calls in an expert to evaluate the item's authenticity and estimate its market value. Throughout each episode, viewers also see staff members' reactions to the items brought in for auction, through discussion with each other or taped interviews, and there are also occasional scenes highlighting Gallery 63's day-to-day operations. In the final part of the episode, viewers witness the sale of the showcased items by auctioneers Brooks and Wise.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
4 Seasons, 90 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 26, 2010
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Auction Kings Full Episode Guide

  • This week at Gallery 63, Paul goes on a pick and comes back with a vintage shoeshine stand; an authentic bomb squad suit is put on the block; and a seller brings in a pair of WWI binoculars that were part of World War I era "Eyes for the Navy" program.

  • The Gallery 63 Crew auction off a Pannonia motorcycle, a printer from the '30s and a sales award that belonged to Michael Jackson.

  • The Gallery 63 Crew auction off a haberdasher, an exercise machine and a vintage Gulf Oil drum.

  • Country singer Clay Walker auctions off personal items for his organization Bands Against MS.

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