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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! is an animated television show that airs on Disney XD and Teletoon. Disney XD airs the show in the United States, and Teletoon airs the show in Canada. The show has run a total of two seasons consisting of 52 episodes. The first episode premiered on October 20, 2010. The Avengers is part of a programming schedule alongside another Marvel and Disney property.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! follows the original Avengers to begin with, and expands the super hero group as the series progresses. The original characters are Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor, Wasp, and the Incredible Hulk. Each character has their own specific powers and skills. These skills range from an extremely high tech suit of armor to superhuman strength and durability. The storylines are actually based on stories written by the original comic book creators, which has led to quite a bit of fan support. Season one focuses on the creation of the Avengers due to a mass breakout of super villains from all of Earth's most dangerous prisons. Season two focuses on multiple invasions of Earth by alien races. The first half of the season deals with a Skrull invasion, and the second half deals with a Kree invasion.

As the series progresses, new characters and villains show up to expand the universe. Familiar characters such as Spider-Man and Captain America make an appearance alongside relatively unknowns such as Vision and Hawkeye. Recurring villains include Loki, the Enchantress, the Skrulls, and the Kree. Cameos include characters from many of Marvel's other properties, which has helped to keep the fans happy. These cameos have included Wolverine, Doctor Doom, and the Fantastic Four.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! has received favorable reviews from fans and critics alike. Much of the series praise has come about due to how true the creators have remained to the source material. The source material was written by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and many other writers. The series draws its storylines from all of the different generations of the Marvel Universe, not just the most recent.

In the end, this series has received almost universally positive reviews. There has been some concern that the series had been cancelled, but this has been debunked by the creators. The series will return as the Avengers Assemble television show set to premier in 2013.

Sunday 12:15 PM et/pt on Disney XD
2 Seasons, 53 Episodes - Canceled
October 20, 2010
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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Full Episode Guide

  • Loki remains a prisoner and smolders with hatred for the Avengers and his half-brother, Thor -- until the Enchantress offers him a chance at revenge.

  • In order to save the world and the galaxy, the Avengers have to rely on all the help they can get.

  • The Avengers' space adventure concludes in a crash landing on the alien Kree homeworld, Hala.

  • When aliens arrive to link our solar system to theirs, Avengers must go to space to save the sun.

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