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Babar is an animated cartoon created for the viewing purpose of young adolescences and younger children. The series was produced in Canada, and is based on the works of author Jean de Brunhoff's Babar books, which later were continued by Jean's son Laurent de Brunhoff. Babar, the main character is an elephant, but not just any old elephant. Babar is king of the elephants!

The series is mainly built around Babar himself, his royal family and friends, and the many adventures that have taken place throughout his life. The king recounts all of these storied adventures to his children. It all started when he was orphaned and taken in to live with Madame (The Old Lady) in Paris. She taught Babar a number of things especially in regards to city life and the ways of the world. As Babar inevitably got older he returned to the jungle, when the other members of his homeland caught wind of how much he had learned, and how bright he was they made him king.

Other important characters throughout the series include, Celeste, Babar's wife and ruling queen of "Celesteville", appropriately named after her of course. Also their four children, among them are the triplets, Pom, Flora, and Alexander. Joining them not far behind is Isabelle, who though may be the youngest, seems to follow in her Father's footsteps the most. All the children take to adventure along with Babar, and Celeste in later episodes of the series. Arthur, the prankster of the royal family is Celeste's brother, and can always be counted on to pull a stunt or two. Many friends are introduced to the series as well, like Zephir a monkey who is very close with the family.

A reoccurring theme is that of the challenges that may come forth during Babar's adventures, but his ability to rise to the occasion, even in the face of his most difficult tasks. He also always finds a positive outlook for every negative situation. Babar worldwide is one of the most popular kid friendly cartoon characters, and remains a role model for young children everywhere.

11:30 pm on HBO
6 Seasons, 126 Episodes - Canceled
April 9, 1989
Animation & Cartoons
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Babar Full Episode Guide

  • Once Babar and his family journey through this final land they should be able to reach the fabled Land of Happiness. This of course, is easier said than done! The family comes across a beautiful castle nestled in the clouds and it turns out that this castle belongs to Babars old friend Max, the man that gave him the map! After they enter the magical palace the children and Zephir get separated from Babar and Celeste, they must save Alexander from a ghost, rescue a family of mice, and prove to be wise and kind like their parents. This test has been designed by Max to see whether the children learned all of the necessary values and morals essential to live a life of happiness. The children pass with flying colors and Babar and his family are led to the highly anticipated Land of Happiness. As it turns out, Celesteville is their final destination, proving that there truly is no place like home.

  • Babar and his family find themselves in the middle of a championship treasure hunt! The children are sure they can win, after all, they go on treasure hunts all the time back home in Celesteville! But they didnt count on the fox team who wins every year. At first, Babar and his family are discouraged when they find themselves losing the treasure hunt, but soon find out the real reason the foxes are winning... they cheat! Everyone knows you must have mental as well as physical strength to win a championship treasure hunt; and Babar and his family have both! After a long and exhausting hunt, Babars team wins the race and the foxs teams respect. Maybe it is true, cheaters never prosper and hard work does pay off in the end!

  • Babar and his family arrive in a town where everything is made out of treats and every store they go into has better tasting delicacies than the last! That is, until they find a bakery with the worst tasting cakes in the land?

  • When the balloon lands on a small island in the middle of the ocean, they come across a giant sea turtle who shows them the way to their next land of adventure. Sheldon, the turtle, casts a magic aura allowing Babar, Celeste, Zephir and the children to explore a land beneath the sea. When they arrive, they come across the most beautiful kingdom made from the coral reef. Everything isnt quite as perfect as it seems however, Princess Sandy is being forced to marry the evil Octolunga. The family must think of a way to save the princess from a terrible fate. In the end, they manage to teach the villain the important lesson that Bullies always lose in the long run.

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