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The Oxygen television series Bad Girls All Star Battle is a realty game show.Oxygen Media brings together 14 of the most memorable "bad"girls in "Bad Girls Club" history, in one big mansion, engaging them in outrageous physical and brain teasing challenges. This unique show will run for an hour and the winner will receive a million dollar prize plus be crowned the Baddest of all.

Musician and actor Ray J has been roped in to host this series. Each of these 14 competitors clash with each other in two types of competition: individual and team oriented. Every week they have to face the daunting tasks of survival in the show. Individual competitions like "Captain's Challenge" will produce only one winner who will be declared the Captain and will have full control over the teams and also win immunity from elimination. There will also be a team challenge, where the "Bad" Girls will test their ability to work together as a team, they will put to test their team spirit, their capability to work together and win for their respective teams. The losing team will have to name two players who will be put up for elimination and the members of the winning team will earn for themselves, immunity, a night out with friends at the club and will decide which players need to be sent back home.

Created by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, this series shows the spontaneous, unscripted interactions among these participants and the world around them. From the past eleven seasons these bad girls would do just about anything but now for the first time ever 14 bad girls from all across the seasons are here to compete for the million dollar award, besides the coveted crown. Never in the history of television has such a battle been unleashed as this competition.

A fully loaded show, it focuses on how these highly aggressive, quarrelsome, and unruly women challenge each other and themselves to stay in the competition, building on their courage and strength to survive the rigorous physical and mental challenges and emerge as the winner of this one of its kind competition and be crowned the bad girl of all seasons ever aired on television.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on Oxygen
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Currently Airing
May 21, 2013
Action & Adventure, Drama
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Bad Girls All Star Battle Full Episode Guide

  • Join host and queen of funny Tanisha as she dishes with fan favorites Natalie, Camilla, Sarah and Janelle about the funniest Bad Girls of all time. Get ready as they look back at the outrageous behavior that had everyone laughing out loud.

  • Remembering the most exciting moments from the show.

  • The Bad Girls reunite to discuss the season.

  • The Bad Girls reunite to discuss the season.

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