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Balls of Steel presents a unique form of reality television: Part hidden camera show, part sketch comedy. Host Mark Dolan presents the antics of his guests, each of whom performs their own style of prank on the unsuspecting public. Over the course of an episode, several sketches are performed and then later voted upon by audience members as to which act had the biggest balls of steel. Many sketches would repeat in later episodes, while others were performed once and never again.

Sketches cover a wide variety of risque and socially unacceptable behaviors. The Bunny Boiler features an attractive woman approaching men who are with their significant others and flirts with them in attempts to start fights between the two. The Annoying Devil menaced the public in twisted ways, such as offering free umbrellas on a rainy day with swear words on the tops or interrupting golf matches by pouring buckets of golf balls onto the field while golfers were attempting to play. Neg's Urban Sports were a series of games Neg would challenge himself with, such as jumping onto the backs of strangers as they pass and seeing how long he could stay on or trying to get people to move from their spots without any physical contact. The most frequent sketch was Alex Zane's Game, which placed contestants into a fake game show which would feature malfunctioning answer buzzers, pretending he heard incorrect answers from contestants and giving impossible challenges.

Balls of Steel is a show geared mainly towards adult audiences due to its off-kilter humor. Viewers who find themselves easily offended by raunchy situations, being a public nuisance or gross humor may wish to tune in elsewhere.

Channel 4
3 Seasons, 19 Episodes - Canceled
August 19, 2005
Game Show
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Balls of Steel Full Episode Guide

  • The Annoying Devil stays at home for the day and spends his time winding up delivery men. The Bunny Boiler tries her hand at teaching erotic pottery to couples, and Big Gay Following finds…

  • Militant Black Guy questions the validity of dreaming of a white Christmas. Elsewhere, Mr Inappropriate hits the London party scene and embarrasses a number of celebrities and Scummy Mummy…

  • Alex Zane goes stateside to inflict his evil game shows on some unsuspecting Americans, and Olivia Lee takes on an A-list celebrity at an LA press conference. Elsewhere, Mr Inappropriate…

  • Scummy Mummy has a little accident when her waters break over a shoe shop assistant, and the Bunny Boiler returns, this time in the guise of a sexy masseuse giving handsome guys the…

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