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Series Length:1 Season, 24 Episodes
Network: IFC

Basilisk is a Japanese anime and magna action, drama and suspense television program that is broadcasted in the United States, Canada, Japan and England. This show was a spin of a popular script and it was written by Masaki Segalua. This is a show that brings its viewers with action packed ninja fighting scenes and bright anime and magna animation that will satisfy any need for action packed animation. This show is directed by a very talented Japanese director called, Fumitomo Kizaki. Also, the show has a signature theme song that plays during the opening credits and it is called Ninpou Chou, which was written by the performer and compositor called, Onmyouza.

The plot of Basilisk took place back in the year 1614, when the show's two courageous and spunky ninja clans, The Tsubagakume of the Iga and their opposing force the Manjidani of Kouga must engage in a grueling battle so that the next shogun is determined. During the battle that will take place to determine the next shogun, the grandsons of the clans must battle each other and the winner is appointed the title of shogun. In addition, there are ten skilled and powerful ninjas who shall battle against each other for this title, and as a result many clans must fight hard against each their opposing forces and during the battle, years of pent up anger will be unleashed, thus reeking havoc on the clans and as a result of this the chances of peace is totally diminished.

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Status: Ended
Genre: Anime, Drama
Rating: 8.5/10
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  • Brought back to the very grounds where the travesty began, forced into this final conflict by political demand, Gennosuke and Oboro face one another on the field of battle. Gennosuke, wounded and poisoned, blinded still by the hands of the Iga. Oboro, unskilled in the arts of war and unwilling to prove false to her love. Neither with a care as to whom will inherit the title of Shogun.

  • Gennosuke cuts the serpent down at long last, the one responsible for fueling the enmity between the Kouga and the Iga for two centuries past. The one, whom among all others, will not allow for peace between them. As they stand reunited, Oboro begs for death, unable in her love to stand against Gennosuke. But Kagero and Tenzen, each with their dying breath, set the final confrontation in motion.

  • With Kagero captive, Oboro issues a public challenge, seeking to draw Gennosuke out, desiring to face him one last time. She stops Tenzen at his cruel play, unwilling to bear the suffering of an enemy, and draws his wrath instead. But Gennosuke arrives to face Tenzen at last, forced to defend himself with his greatest weapon still sealed against him. A startling revelation rings out in the night.

  • Tenzen's secret is revealed at last, the cost of which proves death to a Kouga in disguise. As Lady Ofuku's forces lend strength and protection to the two surviving Iga, they continue on their way to Sunpu Castle. Kagero claims responsibility for the death of Oboro, seeking Gennosuke's affirmation and affection. But when she sets out to prove her lie truth, trust misplaced will prove her undoing.

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