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Series Length:2 Seasons, 10 Episodes
Network: Warner Bros.

Batman Black and White Motion Comics is based on an award-winning series of three comic book collections where different artists and writers craft short stories in the Batman universe. The stories range from hard-boiled mysteries, to action-adventure, to gritty dramas, and even slapstick comedy.

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  • The legend of Batman becomes a bedtime story for a young boy in a futuristic Gotham. / Catwoman is caught by Batman stealing diamonds from a Nazi Spi in World War II-era Gotham.

  • A woman has recurring nightmares involving Batman and seeks help. / A boy in World War II-era Gotham reflects on his heroes.

  • Batman investigates a crime whe he discovers the remains of a young child in the subway. / An elderly woman encounters an injured Batman and muses on the importance of memories.

  • Batman finds a mad scientist in Gotham and his horrible creations. / A thug thinks he has killed the Caped Crusader, but when he starts to doubt himself he goes back to finish the job.

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