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It is the year 4999 and Akari Kanzaki finds herself enrolled in an all-girls school in Antarctica with strong hope of eventually becoming a member of the University Satellite, an upscale sports training school. Young Akari’s dreams of winning the prestigious title to become Cosmo Beauty (an honor which was previously held by her mother) yet she is emotionally distraught as she knows she is compared to the greatness of her mother Tomoe Midou. Poor Akari is fearful of undertaking this task and she endures self-doubt and criticism from her peers, while virtually failing as an athlete.

However her team members and friends Anna Respighi (a timid youngster who also has some secrets) and Kris Christopher who goes on to achieve the Priestess from the Moon status, comes to Akari’s aid. Kris is an outstanding athlete greatly striving near Lahrri who makes it possible for Mylandah to complete on the team with them as they head for the final.

Thanks to her good friend Icahn, Atari triumphs and makes her way to the University Satellite where she indeed strives for the role of Cosmic Beauty, while preparing for another mission which will decide the consequences of the human race.

1 Season, 26 Episodes - Canceled
May 25, 1997
Anime, Sports
Battle Athletes Victory
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