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The television show Bear Swamp Recovery is a reality tv series that follows the owners and the employees of the repossessing agency situated in Mercerville, New Jersey. The name of the repossession agency is Bear Swamp Recovery. In this show they follow the owner and the employees as they perform repossessions on various automobiles that several finance companies ask they to collect.

In several episodes viewers will witness them repossessing some rare and even odd possessions including expensive boats, buses, limousines, Zambonis, other tow trucks, and even hot air balloons. Additionally, viewers will see heated confrontations between the repossers and the owners of the vehicles.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV
1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled
August 22, 2011
Bear Swamp Recovery
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Bear Swamp Recovery Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale the team makes plans to repo three ice cream trucks, but their are many obstacles in their way. And, a party boy who won't pay for his personal watercraft rallies his friends around his cause, until Tiny saves the day.

  • The Bear Swamp team pays the price when an all-out brawl breaks out with a vicious biker gang who are determined to keep their rides. Then, the repo of arcade equipment takes a nasty turn when the debtor turns out to be the high score holder who can't let go of his illustrious title.

  • The team goes on a mission to repo a fleet of custom racecars, but the drivers won't give up their prized possessions without a fight. And, the repo of band equipment turns into a violent mosh pit when the lead guitarist rallies his fans against the Bear Swamp team.

  • In their biggest repo ever, the team goes after two huge trucks. Then, the team goes on a high-speed chase for an elusive luxury car, and when they finally confront the debtor they discover a shocking secret.

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