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Beetlejuice is an animated cartoon television series very loosely based on the 1988 Tim Burton film of the same name. It focuses on the friendship of quirky young Lydia Deetz (voice: Alyson Court) and a ghost / ghoul con-artist named Beetlejuice (voice: Stephen Ouimette) whose lack of social graces and conscience often both amuses and disgusts her. Lydia is a goth-loving social outcast who resides in the real world with her father Charles (voice: Roger Dunn), a bird-lover with an allergy to canines, and her mother Delia (voice: Elizabeth Hanna), an eccentric modern artist, in town called Peaceful Pines. At the beginning of the series, she is attending the seventh grade and loves to design clothes, take photographs, and study bugs.

Beetlejuice is a magical humanoid creature somewhere between a ghost and the undead who is always scamming someone in the attempt to get money, amusement, or status. He lives in the Neitherworld, an alternate dimension inhabited by monsters, ghosts, and other deceased individuals, with Doomie (voice: Keith Hampshire) his sentient car. Lydia can join Beetlejuice in the Neitherworld by chanting a particular spell, or she can bring Beetlejuice into the real world by simply saying his name three times. Beetlejuice has a strange power to turn into anything he says, but the result is typically a pun of a figure of speech that is far from what he intended.

In contrast to the feature film, which was a dark satire analyzing an ironic afterlife, Beetlejuice the series is a lighthearted children's comedy spotlighting the escapades of a peculiar pair of close friends. Many episodes center on swindler Beetlejuice's strained relationship with his Neitherworldly neighbors, The Monster Across the Street (voice: Len Carlson) and his dog Poopsie (voice: Susan Roman), Ginger, the clumsy dancing spider, and Jacque LaLean (voice: Charles Kerr), a skeleton devoted to his physique. Beetlejuice loves to prank them whenever possible, but Lydia is always there to try to guide Beetlejuice to try to be a better citizen.

4 Seasons, 109 Episodes - Canceled
September 9, 1989
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Beetlejuice Full Episode Guide

  • Beetlejuice does the Mayor of Peaceful Pines a favour, but the Mayor reigns on his promise of a cash reward. So Beetlejuice, in a fit of anger, splits his personality into his good and his bad sides, and the bad side wreaks havoc on the town. Lydia and the good side are forced to fetch Dr. Zigmund Void to help remedy the situation.

  • To get out of housework, BJ passes the time away telling Lydia about the time he and Jacques journeyed to the centre of the Neitherworld to rescue Vern Jewels, who was being held prisoner by Captain Nemo (who wanted to be rewritten into a hero role).

  • A black cat burglar makes off with BJ's tongue and takes it to Catmandu. BJ, after 'borrowing' the Monster's tongue, joins the Forlorn Legion with Jacques to storm Catmandu and get his stolen property back.

  • Beetlejuice and Lydia go to visit Merlin and discover that the great magician is plotting to overthrow the King. But when BJ pulls the Board from the Bone, he becomes the new King, and Merlin summons the dreaded B.O. Wolf to wipe him out. It's a middle-age crisis for BJ.

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Will a 'Beetlejuice 2' Ever Happen? It's Michael Keaton's Call

David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith have had a "Beetlejuice" sequel on their respective radars for some time. They recently announced that they're working on a script, but they're giving themselves one important rule to follow: no Michael Keaton, no more "Beetlejuice."

'Beetlejuice' the Sequel? Warner Bros. May Be Ready Say it Three Times

Dynamic writer-producer duo David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith recently signed a two-year, first-look contract with Warner Bros. to take a stab at the sequel to the Tim Burton 1988 supernatural-comedy classic "Beetlejuice," which starred Geena Davis, Michael Keaton and a young Winona Ryder.

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