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If you are a big fan of a particular band that has had great success in the business, then Behind the Music has probably done a segment on them. Behind the Music is a TV show that ran from 1997 to 2006. However, after its original run, it still made some Behind the Music specials from time to time. This TV series was, and still is, a very popular show because they went beyond what a band really was.

One of the aspects that made Behind the Music what it is today was their interviews with members of the band. The interviews usually revolved around the band's success, popularity, hardships and many other important factors. Aside from interviews, Behind the Music would also show clips and movies from the band's past. A great example would be clips from their childhood, high school years or any other times in their life.

Since a band's success is built on great songs, Behind the Music also focuses on which songs made them popular. They would also go into the band's discography and any hidden meanings behind the lyrics of their music. Going behind the music of a band also entails finding out any influences the band had during their ascension to popularity. The band's hardships is also documented and recorded for the show, which will show just how committed the band was to making their music work successfully. Usually, at the end of each show, Behind the Music wraps up by showing where the band is now.

Today, Behind the Music still does documentaries from time to time. However, you will find old reruns that air on TV every now and then. Checking out these types of documentaries can really help to get a sense of what the band had to go through to get where they are. You might even get to see your favorite band on Behind the Music, and see some of their inner workings behind the scenes.

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Behind The Music News

Adam Lambert's 'Behind the Music': Sneak Peek Video!

VH1's "Behind the Music" on Adam Lambert is coming up, and judging by this preview video it looks like it's going to deliver on its promises of revealing more about Lambert's rise to fame than ever before. Lambert famous lost the "American Idol" crown to Kris Allen amid speculation that Lambert was gay. It was that fact that many think might have caused Lambert to lose, seeing as "Idol" winners are determined solely by a fan vote. Allen is the first to agree that "American Idol" wanted that controversy to play out, though they did it quietly: "He was the guyliner guy and I was the guy next door," Allen said.

Enrique Iglesias Confesses: 'I Have the Smallest Penis in the World'

We're all for being honest with people and sharing your life with your fans, but come on, Enrique Iglesias, TMI. At a performance in Sydney, the incredibly popular Spanish pop singer, who happens to be sleeping with one of the most beautiful women on earth - Anna Kournikova - admitted that he has one really, really tiny problem. (Hint: it has to do with his junk). According to UK pub The Sun, at the Australian concert, Enrique invited a group of men onstage to talk with them about losing their virginity.

'Idol' Adam Lambert Opens Up About Personal Struggles in New 'Behind the Music'

Adam Lambert made headlines when controversy hit his run on "American Idol" following the release of photos of him kissing another man. It took until after the end of the competition for Lambert to publicly come out, but in truth Lambert knew he was gay as early as the 6th grade. Now, VH1's "Behind the Music" aims to look into the life of Lambert, from his upbringing to his stint on musical tours to his meteoric rise to fame after "American Idol."  As is the "Behind the Music" way, the show will feature new revelations and never-before-seen footage of Lambert to help shed a light on his struggles as an artist and as a gay man in the public's eye.

VH1 to Bring Back 'Pop Up Video'

It's been a long time since VH1 has had a solid reputation with hardcore music geeks. On the rare occasions they still show it, "Behind the Music" went from exploring the trials and tribulations of landmark music acts to exclusively covering musicians whose careers are still on the rise. And even for that, you have to wade through "Basketball Wives," "Mob Wives," "Wedding Wars," and of course - nonstop nostalgia. While the era of "Best Week Ever" might be over, and the network ran out of decades to love, they still managed to find some room for "The Greatest," a series that is pretty much a video version of the numerous Top 10/25/50 lists that permeate the web.

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