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Below Deck is a Bravo reality show about the lives of young, attractive crew members and the captain of Honor, a multi-million dollar luxury yacht. The crew is highly trained in all aspects of meeting the needs and demands of wealthy charter guests. Whether guests crave gallons of green juice or a picnic lunch and shore excursion, the crew will never tell them, ‘no’. The crew salary is contingent on the tip at the end of the charter, and they always deliver best-in-class service. From the moment that charter guests board the 164’ yacht, the shoes come off and first-class service begins.

The yacht’s real name is Cuor di Leone, but has been renamed Honor for the reality television show. Honor is a playground for the rich and famous to spend a few days away from the demands of ordinary life.

The biggest part of the story happens below deck with the crew and the dynamic personalities and personal attractions which are authentic. Living in close quarters with friends and team mates can bring out the best and worst in people. Crew cabins are tiny and co-ed, so the crew becomes intimately familiar with each other due to the lack of privacy. The crew cannot consume alcohol during a charter but when the charter ends and the yacht is clean and spotless, they do cut loose and have fun.

The hours are long and there is little time for the crew to relax during a charter. From preparing three gourmet meals per day, and delicacies in between the handsome chef is always busy in the kitchen. Laundry and ironing are two of the chores that never seem to end. The crew is also responsible for scrubbing the deck, polishing the interior and exterior of the yacht and serving meals.

Charter cruises for Honor are in the Caribbean and include trips to Anguilla, St. Barts, St. Maarten and Saba. The islands of the Caribbean are a destination vacation and chartering a yacht gives guests the opportunity to see more than one island and take in the culture of the area.

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2 Seasons, 16 Episodes - New Series
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  • Some of the crew are upset over how the tip money is being distributed. Captain Lee must make a decision on handling Andrew.

  • Kat's bad attitude rubs Kate the wrong way. Elsewhere, Andrew offers a performance on the skydeck in an effort to redeem past mistakes; and the crew members hit a beach bar to probe Kat and Amy's past dramas, but the evening ends with a scare.

  • In the second season premiere, the crew gets ready for the arrival of the first group of guests. Andrew hits it off with one of the patrons. While some of the new crew members get flirty and one of them makes a rookie mistake.

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