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Ben and Kate is a TV show. The Ben and Kate show talks about how to solve marital conflicts and being happy all the time. This show is presented by a young girl. She started this show because of the experience that she had when she was growing up in their home. She said there were a lot of problems in the house between her parents that caused happiness to flee away. That her growing up days are full of bad memories. This show is to help out children who are going through the same experience that she had. It is also for parents who have family problems.

In her shows she invites counselors who are versed with this kind of problems to come and make contributions. She also invites couples who have made it in their marriages to also give their experiences and how they cope with their problems.

In one of the Ben and Kate show, they talked of how being silent helps to solve a lot of problems at home. That being silent does not mean that you are weak. It rather means that you are very strong. Silence in the midst of a quarrel averts a lot of consequences. In fact, nobody can continue to talk or quarrel alone. What do they mean by this? It means one person must stop. And so the matter is solved.

Another thing is that arguing or quarreling in front of the children is a very bad thing. It demoralizes the children and affect their emotions. This can even lead to bad performances at school. So if parents love their children and want them to succeed, they should stop quarreling when the kids are around. Laughter, they say is medicine to the soul. Mutual respect for one another is also very important. Respect, they say is earned and not commanded.

If you are interested in the show you can tune to Trinity Broadcasting Network at 3 - 4 p.m. every Saturday afternoon.

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1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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Ben & Kate Full Episode Guide

  • Ethics 101

  • Ben and Kate's father, Randy (guest star Bruce McGill), lines up a meeting for his latest business venture, and recruits Kate to tag along with him so she can help close the deal. Meanwhile, Ben volunteers to organize the Father-Daughter dance at Maddie's school, and BJ goes head to head with Buddy's wife, Roz (guest star Niecy Nash), when he puts some of his assets in BJ's name during their divorce proceedings.

  • When Ben and Kate's father Randy pays an unexpected visit to them, he causes chaos in their lives - Kate starts asking big questions about herself and her life trajectory, putting her in a big fight with BJ. Meanwhile, Ben finds himself confronting his dad about all the things they never did together, as they search together with Tommy to finally find and confront Maddie's dad for running out on Kate.

  • When Kate discovers Will has been dating since their break-up, she agrees to go on a date with a baker she met at Will's party.

Ben & Kate News

'Ben and Kate' Gets The Axe

Yet another show bites the dust. FOX has cancelled its moderately clever “Ben and Kate,” halfway through shooting its 16th episode. Two more episodes had been ordered, but will remain uncompleted. Six episodes were filmed but have yet to air, and FOX says that they will make it to television… eventually. Taking its 8:30 pm (EST) Tuesday timeslot will be a second episode of “Raising Hope,” which also airs at 8pm. Beginning March 12th, “Hell’s Kitchen” will be slipping into the slot.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 13: 'Bake Off' Recap

Ben gets a call from Vera, who can’t stop thinking about him. Ben is busy preparing for their meeting tomorrow, where he and Tommy will present Rail Mall. They have phone sex… with her assistant Bruce on the line. Maddie comes in, preparing for school, and tells Kate that Will says hello. Kate and BJ grill her about how he said hi. He’s at the door, turns out. He apologizes for just showing up but he tells her he wanted them to maintain a good relationship as neighbors. He invites her to his house for a small get together.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 12: 'Girl Problems' Recap

Tommy brings in his new girlfriend to show off, until Kate comes in and he rushes her out. Ben has to leave too, to see someone about his Rail Mall (train mall invention). Ben finds out BJ has a dog named Winnie, which no one seemed to know. Kate is upset that Tommy and Lila were weird around her, but BJ reminds her Tommy was in love with her so it’s bound to be weird. At the bank, Ben finds out his credit is impeccable, but it’s going to be hard to get him such a large loan.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 11: 'B Squad' Recap

Ben does his morning announcements at the country club… including announcing that their previous starter, Lloyd, died the previous night. He waxes philosophical. As he announced next to tee, Matt Swan, he recognizes the name as an old friend. The two chat. Maddie helps her friend Norman study… although Norman’s a bit slow. He leaves, happily. Maddie likes him, though, because he doesn’t have a dad either. Kate encourages her daughter to keep attaining to get into the gifted program.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 10: 'The Trip' Recap

Kate is doing housework while dancing to music, unaware that she has an enraptured audience. Will calls Kate asking her to come over, but she hears Ben making suspicious noises and has to leave. Ben is teaching Maddie to saw wood to help build her a new loft bed. Since Maddie’s hopes are now up, Kate goes to the store to look for beds with Will but they cost a fortune. She breaks a lamp—a $700 lamp. As she panics about paying for it, Will hands his credit card to the clerk.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 9: 'Guitar Face' Recap

Kate argues with Maddie about drinking her milk, even though she admits she hates milk too.  Ben gets tagged in. They play milk pong. “You gotta chug that thing, Pledge.” Tommy comes in later and tells Ben he has good news. He got him a job at his country club. Ben figures he can sell his start-up ideas to rich people. Snack cart driver. Not what he expected. Ben even gets a pink visor and fanny pack. After some initial struggles with the cart, he heads off to his first day.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 8: 'Reunion' Recap

Ben and Tommy rush into the kitchen, a live turkey in Ben’s arms while they frantically try and find somewhere to put him. Kate comes in and demands an explanation. Ben reveals that he stole the turkey from a parade. He was to be raffled off for a dinner. Ben named him Keith and dashed him to safety. Seruche comes in, an old friend from high school, wanting to know when everyone is going to get together and drink and catch up before the holiday. Kate gives Ben some mail that she got addressed to “Mr.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 7: 'Career Day' Recap

Kate is outside flirting with the neighbor, Will, while parking her car, while Ben and BJ watch in disgust. She calls it “Operation Crockpot.” Flirt here and there, and three months later, she’s ready to eat… but Ben doesn’t think he likes him. “He’s too like… Captain America.” Ben wants to do recon on him but Kate says no. Maddie comes in to remind her mother about Career Day at school. Ben walks Maddie to school, promising to come to Career Day—whether she likes it or not.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 6: 'Scaredy Kate' Recap

Kate, BJ, and Maddie are carving pumpkins. BJ is encouraging Kate to get out and be “whorish” like all the other straight-laced ladies who use Halloween as an excuse to be slutty, but all Kate wants to do is settle in with a personal pan pizza. Maddie asks BJ if she can have a piece of her candy, but BJ tells her definitely not. It’s special candy from Amsterdam. The girls decide this will finally be the year when they manage to scare Ben. When he comes in, Kate asks him to bring her the basket from the top of the fridge.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 5: 'Emergency Kit' Recap

BJ comes into work late—unfortunately, the day that the owner of the bar, Buddy, happens to be there (played with disgusting hilarity by Rob Corrdry). He and BJ banter flirtatiously. Somehow BJ seems genuinely excited that he is divorced, and asked her out for the night. Ben is excited that the knives he ordered have come in—and Maddie gets a birthday invitation for Tyler Swanson’s birthday party. And there’s a bouncy house! But Maddie hates bouncy houses because Kate has told her that they have a high injury rate.

'Ben and Kate' Season 1, Episode 4: '21st Birthday' Recap

At the bar, Kate is marveling at how much more money BJ makes than her, but it’s no secret. BJ undoes one of Kate’s buttons and boom, extra tip. The bar is full for a party, and Ben’s making friends with everyone as usual. He and Tommy order drinks and speculate on Kate’s own birthday, which is coming up. She just wants to relax, but Ben thinks she needs to have the 21st birthday party she never had. At Kate’s house, he has called in reinforcements to plan "Kate’s 21st Birthday 2.

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