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Based on the Manga comic and the popular spinning top game, this Japanese anime brings together a number of bladers from around the World who are initially challenged by a newcomer, Masamune. After initially battling each other to see who is the most powerful blader in the World, the small group of bladers at the first tournament join together to form a traveling group of players. Traveling to the Beybalde World Championships means these individuals will have to join together to work as a team if one of them is to become the top blader in the world.

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4 Seasons, 80 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Beyblade: Metal Masters Full Episode Guide

  • While Gingka tries to use Pegasus to absorb the excess energy at the Hades City reactor, Masamune finds he must battle Faust again. It is only when Zeo arrives to join the battle that they are able to convince Faust that he is actually Toby.

  • While Gingka, Masamune and Kyoya try to find Toby in Hades City, Tsubasa is challenged to a battle by Jack. Tsubasa defeats Jack, and Yu destroys Jack’s Arrangement Chamber.

  • Gingka and his friends decide to go after Dr. Ziggurat, but they encounter Ziggurat’s minions who use their beys to try and stop their progress. Gingka and his friends prevail, and a small group actually makes it aboard Ziggurat’s Hades City.

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