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Series Length:2 Seasons, 53 Episodes
Network: Cartoon Network

Beyblade: Metal Masters follows the battle bladers as they fight for glory.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Anime
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  • Chiyun battles Klaus in an elimination bout and despite his best efforts, Chiyun loses and Wang Hu Zhong are eliminated from the tournament. Meanwhile, Hyoma finds Ryuga.

  • With Team Gangan Galaxy tied with Team Wild Fang, a fourth and final team battle is set to determine a winner. The battle between the teams is epic, but in the end it is Gangan Galaxy?s Gingka and Masamune who lead their team to victory, and to the final round.

  • While Gingka tries to use Pegasus to absorb the excess energy at the Hades City reactor, Masamune finds he must battle Faust again.

  • Gingka and Masamune battle Faust at the Spiral Core. Faust's bey, Twisted Tempo, actually sends them to another time and space with a Special Move. Ryuga intervenes by launching L-Drago at Hades City, which damages the Spiral Core.

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