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Big Cat Week is one of the most exciting weeks on the National Geographic Channel. It covers the lives and habits of many of the world's top predators. Africa is the usual film location, as it is home to the King of the Beasts and is known for the coexistence of several large cat species. However, the show is not limited to the African plains. Film locations have taken cinematographers to India and Russia to cover the majestic tiger. Additional locations have included high mountain ranges to capture the rare and elusive snow leopard. Cinematographers have also covered western locations in North and South America to find the shy mountain lion and beautiful jaguar, respectively.

The hunt is always exciting during Big Cat Week. Varying cat species use a myriad of tactics to capture their prey. Big Cat Week practically shows all cats to be ambush hunters. However, the ambush can be accomplished through group or individual efforts. The show films these hunts and predations in real time and generally replays them in slow motion photography to analyze tactics and skill. Music often accompanies these sequences to enhance the effect. However, occasional silence speaks just as loud.

Big Cat Week would not be complete without conflicts among predatory species. Although the show rarely captures physical altercations among cat species that prefer to avoid each other, it does capture conflicts between cat and non-cat species. These battles are edited in creative fashion to highlight important aspects of the fight. The Week often culminates with stories of big cat attacks upon humans. The show effectively and dramatically interviews local people regarding unimaginable stories of large cats that intentionally seek human prey. However, stories are not limited to the plains of Africa. Dramatic attacks of survival are also covered in other locations and allow the audience to hear from the victims. This personally attaches the audience to the show and is always a fitting conclusion to one of television's most exciting weeks.

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