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Big Windup is a comedy series that deals with the sport of baseball. It was created by Asa Higuchi. It was a series that began in 2003 and premiered in Japan on the station known as TBS. The show premiered in the international market on Animax in both English language networks and Asian Animax Asia networks as well. This series won numerous awards including the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for best creative work in 2006. It also wan the Kodansha Manga Award for general Manga.

This particular show is set in a city known as Saitama and follows the events in the life of Ren Mihashi. Ren was an ace pitcher on his middle school baseball team. However it is known that he got the opportunity due to his grandfather owning the school. Despite being the best pitcher on his team, his teammates disliked him very much. Unfortunately for Ren and his team they lost all of their games. Due to the lack of success by his team, Mihashi begins to believe that he is a below average pitcher and graduates middle school with a low self esteem. However in reality he is not lousy at baseball and is actually an excellent one. The reason why his team lost was due to a lack of communication which included not planning an effective strategy to defeat their opponents. Ren transfers to Nishiura High School and contemplates quitting baseball due to believing that he isn't good enough to be a legitimate contributor. While looking to quit baseball, he is convinced by Nishiura's baseball team coach to play for the team. While playing on the team Ren gets taller, gains more confidence, develops better skills and therefore helps his team succeed with his superior abilities.

The show was made by Asa Higuchi as he grew up in Saitama and therefore learned about baseball. She was inspired by a high school baseball team and therefore came up with the idea to make a show about the sport. After some time she began to come up with characters and develop a story about a baseball pitcher. Her experiences and knowledge of the sport and her own local high school baseball competition allowed her to come up with her show's plot.

1 Season, 26 Episodes - Ended
April 12, 2007
Animation & Cartoons
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  • Abe wasn't a fan of Haruna, but there's a lot to like about the guy. He's tall, good-looking, has a one-in-a-million arm, and he wants to win no matter what.

  • While his teammates celebrate their amazing and unexpected victory, poor Mihashi can only sleep and sleep and sleep some more.

  • Heading into the bottom of the ninth, Nishiura clings to a one run lead, and Mihashi and Abe are ready to bring the victory home!

  • As the final inning begins, things look bleak for Nishiura. They've fought and clawed and left everything they've got on the field, but Tosei leads by a run.

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