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Billy the Exterminator follows the colorful Billy Bretherton as he goes on house calls for his family's exterminating business in and around the swamps of Louisiana. Billy, who sports a spiky blond hairdo, punk leather clothing and a good ol' boy attitude, evicts all sorts of unwanted and uninvited creatures from clients' homes and property. Billy's dad, who founded the business, and mom, who acts as the dispatcher, regularly appear on the show with Billy and his brother Ricky, also an exterminator in the family business. Recent shows have concentrated on Billy and Ricky traveling to other parts of the U.S. to participate in wildlife rescue or extermination projects in addition to their business calls in Louisiana.

Billy shares with the viewer his considerable knowledge about the beasts and insects he encounters on each call, explaining his planned approach based on the behavior of the creatures. Billy isn't a bad guy, though; except for the insects, Billy captures his prey alive and relocates it to wilder parts of the swamp away from humans. Billy dishes out equal parts entertainment and education on his house calls, as the viewer watches him wrestle an alligator in an unused swimming pool or uncover hundreds of skittering cockroaches in s darkened storage shed. Billy's enthusiasm for his job is contagious and the great variety of creatures he encounters leaves the viewer wondering what Billy could possibly be dealing with next. Billy's frequent battles with large nests of bees and wasps in the face of repeated stings are a highlight of the series in a dreadfully fascinating kind of way.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
6 Seasons, 91 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 4, 2009
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  • Billy tries to take care of a South American coati and later helps a friend catch a gator.

  • Billy responds to a gator problem in a swimming pool and corrals raccoons at a skate park.

  • Billy spends the night on a stakeout for a menacing red fox which threatens the animals at a local rehabilitation center. Then, in the light of day, things really heat up when Billy and Cousin Chris find countless water moccasins on a young family's property.

  • A haunted children s maze can t re-open until Billy clears away the many dangerous creepy crawlies that lurk behind every corner. With plastic replicas of snakes and spiders everywhere in this scary maze, it won't be easy to tell what s fake and what s deadly. After a close call, Billy is called out on a bizarre job, to search a boat for an unidentified animal that turns out to be one of the most lethal lizards on the planet.

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