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Birdman and the Galaxy Trio is one of the more iconic examples of classic Hanna-Barbera animation. The main premise can be dived into two parts. The first centers around segments in the show focusing on a super hero named Birdman. Birdman is a heroic do-gooder who receives a variety of super-human powers from the rays of earth's sun. Some of the major powers he invokes include use of solar rays which he can fire from his hands, flight, and the ability to heal from injuries or exhaustion. And while not a super power itself, he is also well known for bellowing out the title of "BIRDMAN" as he flies through the sky. While Birdman is the show's main heroic focus, he's also aided by a number of other characters. These include an obedient and loyal eagle, a young boy named Birdboy who flies with mechanical wings, and a head of command named Falcon 7.

The other segment in the show focuses on a trio of super beings who fight crime and injustice in outer space. The trio consists of Vapor Man, Meteor Man, and Gravity Girl. While they fulfill the role of super hero, they are also part of a galactic police force which entrusts them with the legal right to apprehend criminals.

While the two segments have no real interaction, they do share a thematic similarity. A low frame-rate style of animation is used among both segments. As well, a number of voice actors lend their skills to various characters in each. Above all, however, the segments showcase a shared sense of morality. Both attempt to teach children a basic sense of honor, justice, and the necessity of honoring one's moral code.

Saturdays at 11:00 am on NBC
1 Season, 20 Episodes - Canceled
September 9, 1967
Animation & Cartoons
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Birdman and the Galaxy Trio Full Episode Guide

  • An outlaw who can walk through walls and direct shadows takes a secret defense formula to a subversive organization./ Hovering above them on Plastus, Plaston threatens to freeze Planet Z-11 by blocking out the sun./ Escaping from captivity, the evil Morto mobilizes mechanical "knight of evil" to devastate the country.

  • A fantastic pirate ship swoops down on a luxury cruise ship, loots it, and takes hostages for ransom./ Gravity Girl's father asks the Galaxy Trio to help him defeat Gralik./ Birdman and Avenger are attacked by an unidentified space ship and enter caves to evade it.

  • Mixing together a special concoction of chemicals, a prisoner blasts himself free, and at the same time gains the power of fantastic speed./ The Galaxy Trio rescue the last ranger on outpost A-15 from a nearly indestructible spore monster./ Evil super-human raiders attack a western town for material gain and revenge.

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