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Elena Michaels is a journalist. She is also the only female werewolf in the world. Beginning a life away from the supernatural, she thought that things were getting to normal. However, as she begins working one evening, she is contacted by her former pack. The leader of the pack of wolves wants her to join them again. Michaels decides to take the chance and go back to the life she knows. She is leaving her life as a photographer, a life of working with others.

When she enters the world of werewolves again, she remembers all of the rules that she must follow. One of the rules is to protect the pack and the members in it, no matter what. There is one person in the pack who she has tried to get out of her life since she left. Her world is soon turned upside down because she is the only female werewolf.

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Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • When the new Spanish Alpha tries to blackmail Jeremy into murdering the Russian Alpha, the Pack has things under control...until a surprise visit from Savannah upends their plans. Meanwhile, Nick and Paige try to secretly meet Nick's mother, only to inadvertently bring danger to her doorstep.

  • Aleister casts a mind-bending spell on Elena, forcing her to combat her dark fears and demons.

  • Elena guides Dr. Bauer through her first change; the Pack and Coven seek Aleister's identity.

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