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Bizarre ER is about the crazy but real reasons why people are sent to the emergency room. Creepy, gross, and outright unbelievable, it's hard to turn away from this show as it reveals more and more reasons why people encounter the ER. Retelling awesome and crazy events that happen in the ER, this show highlights the weirdest predicaments real life people find themselves in. Entertaining and unbelievable, Bizarre ER shocks and delights audiences of various ages.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Health
3 Seasons, 44 Episodes - Canceled
February 14, 2008
Documentary & Biography
Bizarre ER
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Bizarre ER Full Episode Guide

  • A woman is hit by lightning; a patient suffers a nail gun accident.

  • A man suffers physically in an unusual electrical accident.

  • A man cuts his tongue on a nacho; a boy gets a peg stuck in his nostril.

  • A boy is impaled by a toothbrush; a patient's tongue swells to twice its normal size; and a man's leg won't stop bleeding.

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