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Black Jack is an anime based on a manga by one of Japan's most famous comic creators, Osamu Tezuka. The show focuses on the main character, Black Jack. Black Jack is a rogue, unlicensed doctor. He has black and white hair, wears a cape and is covered in scars. However, despite his strange appearance and past, Black Jack is actually a genius doctor who can cure nearly anyone of any ailment.

As Black Jack roams the country, he comes across many people who need his help. He will treat anyone and will do his very best to ensure that he heals them. However, Black Jack has a reputation as a greedy person. Whenever someone asks for his help he offers a price for his services. These prices are usually exorbitantly high.

Black Jack has a hidden soft side, however. After he names the price for his treatment, Black Jack always asks the patient for their story. If the story is compelling enough and truly touches Black Jack's heart, he will aid the person for no charge. However, if the person's story does not move Black Jack the patient must pay the full fee. After treating someone and earning a fee, Black Jack generally gives his money away, showing that he truly is a compassionate person.

Black Jack travels the country, searching for people he can aid. He is always accompanied by his assistant, Pinoko. Pinoko was created from a set of parasitic organs. Black Jack saved the organs and gave them a body, which resulted in the rebirth of Pinoko. Pinoko is one of Black Jack's only true friends.

As the series progresses, more of Black Jack's story is revealed. As he travels, Black Jack also meets a wide variety of people. Some of these people become Black Jack's enemies, but some get to know him and become his friends. Each new medical adventure brings new people and new surprises into Black Jack's life.

Tezuka Productions
1 Season, 63 Episodes - Ended
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Black Jack Full Episode Guide

  • In a peaceful town, a military base is set up and a project to build missile is carried out. However, for some reasons, innocent citizens are having their bodies slashed and getting killed.

  • Pinoko and Sharaku are playing in a park when a stray dog grabs Pinoko's purse and runs off. They chase after the stray, but the dog is suddenly hit by a car outside of the park. Pinoko gets Black Jack to operate on the dog, and is successful.

  • Black Jack arrives at a small town by the sea and visits a metallurgic factory. The president explains that the company provides jobs to the poor town and gives large donations to the community. Black Jack examines cancer patients at the company, but some

  • A victim of a hit-and-run is discovered by a truck driver, Toru, and carried to Black Jack's house. The doctor performs an operation to save her life, but when she wakes up, they realize she has amnesia. Toru decides to take care of her until she recovers

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