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Series Length:1 Season, 6 Episodes
Schedule: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm on FX

Documentary series that examines race relations by chronicling the lives of a white family and a black family, possibly living under one roof. Through the transformative power of make-up, the Wurgels become black and the Sparks become white, which challenges their beliefs and core values in ways they could have never imagined.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Genre: Reality
Rating: 5/10
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  • "It's the last week of the project," says Nick at the beginning of the series finale, "and nobody's getting along." Not only that, but Renee's worried about Nick's attitude, and arranges a meeting with an ex-gang member to scare him straight. Meanwhile, Rose prepares for her poetry slam. She's petrified. And all six participants read letters they have written to each other. "There were not all nice things said," Rose admits, "but it was real." And it leads to the beginning of understanding.

  • Rose develops a crush on a poetry-class friend; and Brian and Bruno reach an impasse as tensions between the families mount.

  • A made-up Rose tours Crenshaw with a poetry-class friend and is surprised at how often race comes up. Also: Carmen and her daughter are appalled at the chilly treatment they receive when they visit their own neighborhood in their makeup; Nick says he isn't offended by the "n" word---so Brian takes him to a black barbershop "to learn more about his heritage." And Bruno plays a video of his "Midlife Rap," which rags on rappers. Its tone offends Carmen, and Renee calls it "really obnoxious."

  • Carmen's "beautiful black creature" comment leads Brian and Renee to conclude that Carmen doesn't understand racism, and they're concerned that their son, Nick, doesn't get it either. They also worry about Nick's judgment when he buys a $150 watch while shopping with Rose. Meanwhile, Carmen's upset by her treatment at a C&W bar while she and Bruno are in their makeup. But she's treated with far more hostility at a park in a black neighborhood when Bruno is in his makeup but she isn't.

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