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Blassreiter is a Japanese animated television series set in a futuristic Germany that tells the story of a group of people becoming hybrid creatures and their integration into society. The story has also become a manga publication and light novel. 24 episodes of Blassreiter were produced in a partnership between the Japanese animation studio Gonzo and Nitro+; the series was shown around the world because of a partnership agreement Gonzo signed with animation distributor Animax, which saw Blassreiter broadcast on television networks in India, Japan, and South America. Funimation Animation holds teh North American rights to broadcast Blassreiter.

The plot of Blassreiter, which means Pale Rider revolves around a world in which genetically altered creatures called Demonacs threaten the safety of the people of Germany. Because of a large number of attacks on Germany's people by Demoniacs, which creates hybrid human Demonac creatures a special force is established to monitor the hybrids and Demoniacs. Named the Xenogenesis Assault Team, the force assigns different members to monitor hybrid humans; throughout the series the XAT officers Herman Saltza and Amanda Werner are usually the central characters.

A legend surrounding the human hybrids arises in the series of a single person who will rise to lead the Demonacs and hybrids called the Blassreiter. Throughout the series various characters are introduced who could become the legendary figure of the Blassreiter, including the Demoniac hunter Joseph Jobson. The stories of different hybrid characters are told over a small number of episodes, beginning with the transformation of Gerd Frentzen. A tragic figure, Frentzen is a paraplegic until he finds a cure and is transformed into a hybrid.

TV Kanagawa
1 Season, 24 Episodes - Ended
April 5, 2008
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  • The Isis-enhanced Joseph battles Xargin, and certain doom threatens all, as Sasha and Mei-Fong desperately try to intercept the ICBMs launched to destroy German territory.

  • Foreign governments attack German territories, and Mei-Fong's group tries to intercept the missiles. A single figure faces off with Xargin in order to buy time until Isis is completed.

  • Herman battles Beatrice to protect Amanda, who has been given the data of Isis by Sasha.

  • Xargin and the Demoniacs attack Zwolf headquarters, while Amanda and Herman search for Malek inside.

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